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The Truth Behind Russian Mail Order Brides

25 January 2018

Maybe a lot of you have already encountered ads that promote Russian mail order brides everytime you are searching information about Russia, specifically Russian women. We know that a lot of men are hoping to meet a Russian woman that would be their ideal partners in life. The theory about this is that a lot of women in Russia wants to marry a western man who will bring them to the western country and give them a good life.

The term “mail order bride” comes from dating websites that provides dating services that will match those aspiring brides to their future husbands. To know more about Russian mail order brides, just keep on reading below.

  1. Russian Brides are not for sale

    It is not possible for a Russian woman to be sold directly on the website and will be shipped to your home country. This will be considered as human trafficking, which is illegal by the way. There are dating agencies which will set you up for a dating tour in Russia where you will be guaranteed to meet thousands of single women during your tour. This type of service will cost you a lot. Take note that these agencies will not assure you to find your Russian wife right away because they would also need your effort and cooperation.

    a not for sale Russian bride

    You may want to consider joining Russian dating sites like TrulyRussian. These types of dating platforms will let you meet real Russian women who are also looking for their ideal partner which you can meet and chat at any time. But it will also have to cost you a few bucks to be a member of a paid Russian dating site to avail features like sending unlimited messages, video chat, member verification, and so on.

    Make sure that upon entering a Russian dating site, you must be aware of scammers and catfishes. You’ll also have to consider that in dating sites, you’re going to have competitors. So being the best at charming Russian women is your best move.

    The only service that you will get in signing up in an online dating website is the ability to talk to any woman you see online. Make sure to join legit Russian dating sites and dating agencies to protect yourself.

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  2. The process of dating websites in Russia

    Most of the Russian women will get the help of dating agencies in order to sign up for a dating site. They will be screened by an agency staff to check if they passed the requirements and preferences. If the Russian woman did not pass their requirements in terms of physical requirements and educational background, she is not fit to avail for their services. These dating agencies will choose the attractive ones to increase their profit so that men will keep on paying to chat with those Russian women online.

    The women who are able to pass the screening will then be verified by scanning their valid ID’s and their information will be saved into agency’s database. They are then offered a discounted or free photo shoot which involves sexy and attractive pictures at the bed, beach, and so on. The agency’s computers will be used by the Russian when setting up their profiles.

    If the Russian woman doesn’t really speak English, avail can avail for “translation services” and an agency staff will write the messages instead of the Russian woman. The translation may not be that accurate as their staff would rephrase the messages that will be sent to men in order to make it more sexual and alluring.

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  3. Russian women want to marry foreigners

    Poverty arises in places outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The financial situation is not that great for every living citizen as it is very hard to find a job with decent pay. It is also very expensive to reside in these big cities and their only hope to have a good life is to get married to a Western man that could provide for them.

    Gender imbalance is also a problem in Russia. Based on their total population, it states that there are more women than men. Women find it difficult to find a husband in Russia and some men are immature, unpleasant, and lazy. They find western men to be responsible and easy to get along with.

    a Russian woman marrying a foreigner

    It is in the Russian culture and society that a Russian woman has to get married at a young age typically not older than 25 years old. These women are raised and taught about household chores such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the babies. They all know that these traits are highly appreciated and preferred by Western men.

    Some Russian men embrace to be more dominant around the house that they expect their women know how to cook, clean the house, and open to having babies. That’s one of the reasons why many Russian women want to escape and migrate to Western countries to live happily with freedom.

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By this time, you may have known the truth behind Russian mail order brides.

Russian women are very beautiful, outgoing and intelligent. Do not spend too much money on every agency. You will more likely to end up being scammed. But it could be a bit different with Russian dating site. In there, you’d have more control of who could chat with.

Our advice to you is to get a tourist visa, a plane ticket to Russia, and start exploring. Before you visit Russia, it is a must that you need to get a Russian language class first in order for you to read and speak the language. By learning it, communicating with every Russian woman will be smooth sailing. But if you’re a little bit short on cash, you can opt for Russian dating site like TrulyRussian where Russian women you’ll meet are verified and safe.

No matter what option you choose, if you're commited to finding your ideal Russian bride, you will find her.

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