TrulyRussian Members ranked by country and population.

Top Russian Cities

Moscow Singles
Saint Petersburg Singles
Ekaterinburg Singles
Novosibirsk Singles
Volgograd Singles
Kazan Singles
Krasnoyarsk Singles
Chelyabinsk Singles
Omsk Singles
Krasnodar Singles
Ufa Singles
Samara Singles
Saratov Singles
Nizhniy Novgorod Singles
Tomsk Singles
Kaliningrad Singles
Vladivostok Singles
Irkutsk Singles
Kemerovo Singles
Khabarovsk Singles
Izhevsk Singles
Voronezh Singles
Khimki Singles
Murmansk Singles
Naberezhnyye Chelny Singles
Tyumen Singles
Ul'yanovsk Singles
Cheboksary Singles
Penza Singles
Petrozavodsk Singles
Novokuznetsk Singles
Ivanovo Singles
Vladimir Singles
Kirov Singles
Sochi Singles
Belgorod Singles
Orenburg Singles
Tula Singles
Lipetsk Singles
Syktyvkar Singles
Surgut Singles
Kaluga Singles
Kursk Singles
Magnitogorsk Singles
Smolensk Singles
Blagoveshchensk Singles
Vologda Singles
Taganrog Singles
Novorossiysk Singles
Pskov Singles
Kostroma Singles
Bryansk Singles
Balashikha Singles
Novocherkassk Singles
Kurgan Singles
Tambov Singles
Chita Singles
Nizhniy Tagil Singles
Angarsk Singles
Nakhodka Singles
Korolev Singles
Sterlitamak Singles
Severodvinsk Singles
Nizhnevartovsk Singles
Cherepovets Singles
Abakan Singles
Gatchina Singles
Yakutsk Singles
Nizhnekamsk Singles
Orsk Singles
Balakovo Singles
Biysk Singles
Salekhard Singles
Saransk Singles
Staryy Oskol Singles
Orel Singles
Armavir Singles
Volgodonsk Singles
Shakhty Singles
Rybinsk Singles
Zlatoust Singles
Vladikavkaz Singles
Maykop Singles
Dzerzhinsk Singles
Cherkessk Singles
Magadan Singles
Makhachkala Singles
Moskovka Singles
Anapa Singles
Elista Singles
Sverdlovskiy Singles
Moskva Singles
Lenino Singles
Taymyr Singles
Algan Singles
Volzhskiy Singles
Groznyy Singles
Leonovo Singles
Chukotskoye Singles
Kudymkar Singles
Butovo Singles
Afonasyevo Singles
Akulovo Singles
Ryazan Singles

Top Russian Cities - Women

Moscow Women
Saint Petersburg Women
Ekaterinburg Women
Novosibirsk Women
Volgograd Women
Kazan Women
Krasnoyarsk Women
Chelyabinsk Women
Omsk Women
Krasnodar Women
Ufa Women
Samara Women
Saratov Women
Nizhniy Novgorod Women
Tomsk Women
Kaliningrad Women
Vladivostok Women
Irkutsk Women
Kemerovo Women
Khabarovsk Women
Izhevsk Women
Voronezh Women
Khimki Women
Murmansk Women
Naberezhnyye Chelny Women
Tyumen Women
Ul'yanovsk Women
Cheboksary Women
Penza Women
Petrozavodsk Women
Novokuznetsk Women
Ivanovo Women
Vladimir Women
Kirov Women
Sochi Women
Belgorod Women
Orenburg Women
Tula Women
Lipetsk Women
Syktyvkar Women
Surgut Women
Kaluga Women
Kursk Women
Magnitogorsk Women
Smolensk Women
Blagoveshchensk Women
Vologda Women
Taganrog Women
Novorossiysk Women
Pskov Women
Kostroma Women
Bryansk Women
Balashikha Women
Novocherkassk Women
Kurgan Women
Tambov Women
Chita Women
Nizhniy Tagil Women
Angarsk Women
Nakhodka Women
Korolev Women
Sterlitamak Women
Severodvinsk Women
Nizhnevartovsk Women
Cherepovets Women
Abakan Women
Gatchina Women
Yakutsk Women
Nizhnekamsk Women
Orsk Women
Balakovo Women
Biysk Women
Salekhard Women
Saransk Women
Staryy Oskol Women
Orel Women
Armavir Women
Volgodonsk Women
Shakhty Women
Rybinsk Women
Zlatoust Women
Vladikavkaz Women
Maykop Women
Dzerzhinsk Women
Cherkessk Women
Magadan Women
Makhachkala Women
Anapa Women
Elista Women
Sverdlovskiy Women
Lenino Women
Taymyr Women
Algan Women
Volzhskiy Women
Groznyy Women
Leonovo Women
Chukotskoye Women
Butovo Women
Afonasyevo Women
Ryazan Women

Top Countries

Russia Singles
Philippines Singles
United States Singles
Belarus Singles
India Singles
Ukraine Singles
Turkey Singles
Poland Singles
Germany Singles
United Kingdom Singles
Italy Singles
France Singles
Nigeria Singles
Pakistan Singles
Canada Singles
Egypt Singles
Netherlands Singles
Algeria Singles
Australia Singles
Sweden Singles
Norway Singles
Ghana Singles
Belgium Singles
Morocco Singles
Switzerland Singles
Romania Singles
Indonesia Singles
Spain Singles
Latvia Singles
Japan Singles
Tunisia Singles
United Arab Emirates Singles
Iraq Singles
Austria Singles
South Africa Singles
Kenya Singles
Afghanistan Singles
Iran Singles
Denmark Singles
Bangladesh Singles
Greece Singles
Lebanon Singles
Finland Singles
Malaysia Singles
Armenia Singles
Saudi Arabia Singles
Cyprus Singles
Ireland Singles
Brazil Singles
Sri Lanka Singles
Mexico Singles
Uganda Singles
Uzbekistan Singles
Lithuania Singles
Jordan Singles
China Singles
Israel Singles
Estonia Singles
Czech Republic Singles
Portugal Singles
Cameroon Singles
Thailand Singles
Hungary Singles
Bulgaria Singles
Mauritius Singles
Azerbaijan Singles
Kuwait Singles
Syria Singles
New Zealand Singles
Serbia Singles
Ethiopia Singles
Liberia Singles
Peru Singles
Singapore Singles
Chile Singles
Qatar Singles
Hong Kong Singles
Kyrgyzstan Singles
Sudan Singles
Colombia Singles
Georgia Singles
Yemen Singles
Oman Singles
Namibia Singles
American Samoa Singles
Gambia Singles
Togo Singles
Slovenia Singles
Senegal Singles
Libya Singles
Benin Singles
Tanzania Singles
Croatia Singles
Slovakia Singles
Bahrain Singles
Maldives Singles
Argentina Singles
Albania Singles
Taiwan Singles
Turkmenistan Singles
Cote d'Ivoire Singles
Jamaica Singles
Cuba Singles
Viet Nam Singles
Venezuela Singles
Zimbabwe Singles
Iceland Singles
Sierra Leone Singles
Ecuador Singles
Dominican Republic Singles
Congo Singles
Zambia Singles
Angola Singles
Luxembourg Singles
Mozambique Singles
Panama Singles
Guinea Singles
French Polynesia Singles
Palestine Singles
Burkina Faso Singles
Gabon Singles
Chad Singles
Botswana Singles
Macao Singles
Mali Singles
Macedonia Singles
Myanmar Singles
Andorra Singles
Somalia Singles
Burundi Singles
Bahamas Singles
Seychelles Singles
Papua New Guinea Singles
Tajikistan Singles
Faroe Islands Singles
San Marino Singles
Monaco Singles
Honduras Singles
French Guiana Singles
Paraguay Singles
Haiti Singles
Costa Rica Singles
Bolivia Singles
Mauritania Singles
New Caledonia Singles
Madagascar Singles
Niger Singles
Guadeloupe Singles
Rwanda Singles
Puerto Rico Singles
Liechtenstein Singles
Malta Singles
Kazakhstan Singles
Djibouti Singles
Martinique Singles
Guam Singles
British Virgin Islands Singles
Barbados Singles
Fiji Singles
Cape Verde Singles
Saint Lucia Singles
Swaziland Singles
Cambodia Singles
Tokelau Singles

Top Countries - Women

Top Countries - Men

Russia Men
Philippines Men
United States Men
Belarus Men
India Men
Ukraine Men
Turkey Men
Poland Men
Germany Men
United Kingdom Men
Italy Men
France Men
Nigeria Men
Pakistan Men
Canada Men
Egypt Men
Netherlands Men
Algeria Men
Australia Men
Sweden Men
Norway Men
Ghana Men
Belgium Men
Morocco Men
Switzerland Men
Romania Men
Indonesia Men
Spain Men
Latvia Men
Japan Men
Tunisia Men
United Arab Emirates Men
Iraq Men
Austria Men
South Africa Men
Kenya Men
Afghanistan Men
Iran Men
Denmark Men
Bangladesh Men
Greece Men
Lebanon Men
Finland Men
Malaysia Men
Armenia Men
Saudi Arabia Men
Cyprus Men
Ireland Men
Brazil Men
Sri Lanka Men
Mexico Men
Uganda Men
Uzbekistan Men
Lithuania Men
Jordan Men
China Men
Israel Men
Estonia Men
Czech Republic Men
Portugal Men
Cameroon Men
Thailand Men
Hungary Men
Bulgaria Men
Mauritius Men
Azerbaijan Men
Kuwait Men
Syria Men
New Zealand Men
Serbia Men
Ethiopia Men
Liberia Men
Peru Men
Singapore Men
Chile Men
Qatar Men
Hong Kong Men
Sudan Men
Colombia Men
Georgia Men
Yemen Men
Oman Men
Namibia Men
American Samoa Men
Gambia Men
Togo Men
Slovenia Men
Senegal Men
Libya Men
Benin Men
Tanzania Men
Croatia Men
Slovakia Men
Bahrain Men
Maldives Men
Argentina Men
Albania Men
Taiwan Men
Turkmenistan Men
Cote d'Ivoire Men
Jamaica Men
Cuba Men
Viet Nam Men
Venezuela Men
Zimbabwe Men
Iceland Men
Sierra Leone Men
Ecuador Men
Dominican Republic Men
Congo Men
Zambia Men
Angola Men
Luxembourg Men
Mozambique Men
Panama Men
Guinea Men
French Polynesia Men
Palestine Men
Burkina Faso Men
Gabon Men
Chad Men
Botswana Men
Macao Men
Mali Men
Macedonia Men
Myanmar Men
Andorra Men
Somalia Men
Burundi Men
Bahamas Men
Seychelles Men
Papua New Guinea Men
Faroe Islands Men
San Marino Men
Monaco Men
Honduras Men
French Guiana Men
Paraguay Men
Haiti Men
Costa Rica Men
Bolivia Men
Mauritania Men
New Caledonia Men
Madagascar Men
Niger Men
Guadeloupe Men
Rwanda Men
Liechtenstein Men
Malta Men
Djibouti Men
Martinique Men
Guam Men
British Virgin Islands Men
Barbados Men
Fiji Men
Cape Verde Men
Saint Lucia Men
Swaziland Men
Cambodia Men
Tokelau Men

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