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If you’re an online dating newbie, being familiar with the rules and learning how the site works can take some time. Figuring out how the features work, what to click, and when you’re about to send your first message you suddenly don’t know what to say. We know that feeling, we’ve all been in that state. That’s why we’ve provided you with a stage by stage tour on TrulyRussian’s flow to meeting your ideal match in Russia.


TrulyRussian signup form

To be able to browse through thousands of single Russian profiles, creating your own account is necessary. But since we want our members to spend more time on looking for their ideal match, we’ve made our sign up process easier. We only ask the most basic information from you. Your profile name, email address, password, and gender. We recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions first before hitting CREATE ACCOUNT.


Note that this part can be skipped but it’s necessary to fill up your online dating profile if you want to find your match or attract the members who fit the qualities you’re looking for.

Basic and lifestyle information form

Apprearance and Ideal match information form

Profile description form

We strongly advice that you fill these info. On the description, please refrain from sharing your phone number and email adress. This is only for safety purposes. TrulyRussian not only aims on helping you find your ideal match but we also put your safety as out top priority.


Done setting up your profile? Great! You’re now ready to rock. To finally start your online dating journey, you must know what you’re looking for in a match. If you’re still not sure, you can simply just browse the profiles who are currently online.

Browse profiles who are currently online

You’ll be able to see members from all ages, country, state, and what they’re looking for. For a more specific search, go to the Advanced Search feature found on the drop down Search button located on the top section of the page.

With Advanced Search, you can put in all the qualities that you’re looking for in a match.

Advanced search form on TrulyRussian

With Advanced Search, you can put in all the qualities that you’re looking for in a match.

In browse members, you can view users with the latest activity. You'll be able to browse profiles with or without profile photos and by gender.

Browse members with the latest profile activity

But if you already know the member you’re looking for, go to Member search.

Member search form

Be sure to fill it up with the member’s profile name or member ID.

Because looking for love has never been an easy task, we have equipped TrulyRussian with features that would make the search for your ideal Russian match easier.


Take the next leap to your online dating journey. Go ahead and send that special someone a message. If they're online, then it’s your lucky day! Go and chat with them right away with TrulyRussian’s Chat feature. That way, you can chat and see it each other at the same time which would surely bring you both closer.

If they're offline, then don’t worry. You can still drop off a message. Just go to that member's profile and click Send Message. Be sure to drop a fun and exciting message that they would gladly reply.

Looking for the perfect online dating site is hard and with thousands of members, it’s even harder to stand out. But with TrulyRussian, you won’t have to worry about that. The search for your match is over. Join our growing community full of singles from Russia and meet your ideal match.

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