TrulyRussian Features and How to Use Them

Looking for the right one doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. For years, TrulyRussian has been the bridge to love by singles who found ideal matches through us with innovations that made online Russian dating fun and accessible.

Have a closer look at TrulyRussian’s features and how you could use them when you start looking for your ideal partner:


Found a member who caught your eye? Don’t miss the chance of grabbing their attention by not showing that you’re interested in getting to know them. With the help of our Interest feature, get the chance to be noticed right away. Even without sending a message.

When someone caught your eye while browsing, send them an Interest right away. Simply go to their profile, and click Show Interest.


You’ll surely feel closer together and to keep in touch would definitely be more accessible if they're saved in your list of favorites. You no longer have to search for their profiles whenever you want to interact with them again. Just simply go to your favorites list and find them there.

Add them on your Favorites by going on their profile and clicking Add Favorite or the star icon on mobile.

Browse & Search Profiles

Once you’re finished working on your dating profile, it’s time to look for your ideal match. When you’re browsing, you can see single Russian members based on their latest online activity. The plus side is you can look at profiles of members from different background, dating goals, ages, etc.

If you already know the characteristics you want in a Russian match, use TrulyRussian’s Advanced Search feature. Fill it up with the qualities of your ideal match(it’s not required to complete the form), a list of suitable members will then be recommended based on the information you’ve given.

Share Photos

The best way to attract members is to share your most recent and best-looking photos. This gives the other members the chance to have a look at how you live your life and what you’re looking for in a match. TrulyRussian has made that possible.

To get your photos up, go to your profile, and click Manage Photo. Then select the method to get your photos. One is by taking a snapshot from your device. This can be through your webcam or your mobile phone’s camera. Another is by uploading a photo that you already have on your device.

Instant Messaging & Video Chat

It’s time to put those charming skills of yours to the test by sending her a message. With TrulyRussian, you’ll have two ways of communication. Through instant messaging and video chat.

Whether if your match is online or offline, you could still drop them a message on the same message thread. But if the member you fancy is online, then it’s your lucky day. Video chat is best used with a webcam if you’re using a desktop computer or your phone’s camera if you’re on the app to make you closer even both of you are halfway across the world.

Facebook Verification

A series of verification methods are put into place so other members could have safe online dating experience and to ensure a user's legitimacy.

Once you are approved, your profile will have a verification badge depending on the verification method you’ve chosen. On TrulyRussian, there are four ways to verify your profile. They are:

Facebook Verification

  1. Go to Profile Settings>Verification
  2. Select Verify with Facebook and Continue
  3. Once approved, the Facebook Verification Badge will appear on your profile

Phone Verification

  1. Go to Profile Settings>Verification
  2. On the Verify via SMS section, enter your phone number and click Send Me The Code
  3. Enter the verification code from the SMS you’ll receive.
  4. Once approved, the Phone Verification Badge will appear on your profile

Camera Verification

  1. Go to Profile Settings>Verification
  2. Click Verify With Camera
  3. Strictly follow the instructions provided.
  4. Once approved, the Camera Verification Badge will appear on your profile

ID Verification

  1. Go to Profile Settings>Verification
  2. Click Take A Photo Of My ID
  3. Strictly follow the instructions provided.
  4. Once approved, the ID Verification Badge will appear on your profile


Interacting with someone who you don’t share the same language with is a real hassle. You might really like them, but you just can’t understand each other. But with TrulyRussian, communication is never a problem.

To activate Translation, go on your profile and click Account Setting. On the Translations tab, turn on the toggle to automatically translate chat messages.

Personality & Relationship Questions

Whenever members look at your profile, give them the chance to know a little bit more about you. Not just only on the physical aspect, but what would you do in certain situations or your opinions about different things.

Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Once you reach the end of the test, your results will immediately be shown. Your profile will also have a Personality Test Badge and/or dating questions badge along with your test result and answers.