Johnny and Albina’s Love Story on TrulyRussian

TrulyRussian Johnny and Albina Success Story

The contents of this article are based on Johnny’s story that he willingly shared on TrulyRussian.

According to Johnny’s message, He found Albina last January 2015 on TrulyRussian. He described the site as “very flexible” which proves that the platform really does make online dating easier. It was his first time in TrulyRussian and was just trying out the website to check if Russian woman were really tough and are emotionless until he stumbled upon Albina’s profile. He was allured by her beauty and contacted her right away.

Johnny found out that Albina is a volunteer nurse in Moscow, Russia. Her family is originally from Moscow but later migrated to America before she was born. It was always her dream to live in her parent's hometown.

Johnny was astonished by how open-minded Albina is. She also happens to be a good listener. He said to himself that he was wrong after all, that maybe not all Russian women were arrogant and emotionless.

Johnny is a Mechanical Engineer in Helsinki, Finland. After a month of communicating through TrulyRussian, Johnny decided to meet Albina in Moscow which is just 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Helsinki. When they have met personally, they understood each other’s humor and clicked right away. They also have a common interests in wanting to visit haunted places around the world.

The above photo was their first photo together having drinks and enjoying the night at the pub. Both got married back in December 2016 and are now expecting their first child. He wishes all the men who are using TrulyRussian the best of luck.

“I recommend that you use TrulyRussian! Thanks to this site, I’ve found my Albina.”

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