Lloyd and Mary’s Success Story on TrulyRussian

TrulyRussian Lloyd and Mary's Success Story

The contents of this article are based on Lloyd’s story that he willingly shared on TrulyRussian.

According to the story that Lloyd shared, he and his Russian wife both of them met on TrulyRussian. He met Mary on November 2015. Both started to keep in touch and eventually developed feelings for one another. He first visited Russia in January 2016 just to see her.

Their first meeting was kind of awkward as Mary is really a shy person. But things got okay and they both enjoyed each other’s company. The photo above was their very first photo together from when they had a fancy dinner in a Luxury Restaurant in Moscow.

They had just discovered that Mary lives alone because her parents died due to a car crash just 2 years ago. So then, Lloyd took the initiative and decided to take care of Mary carefully. By June 2016, they met again for the second time around and they decided to visit France so Mary could meet Lloyd's family. As they arrived in France, Mary was generously welcomed by Lloyd’s family. It was Mary’s dream to visit the Eiffel Tower and Lloyd granted Mary’s dream without a second thought.

They went to Paris together and at the highest floor of the Eiffel Tower Lloyd knelt down and asked Mary to be his wife. Both got married on the 20th of August 2016 in Lloyd’s home country, France. Lloyd and Mary are now living happily together in France and are hoping on having a baby soon.

“Thank you TrulyRussian!”

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard. Love mixed with understanding and patience are the key ingredients on what makes a relationship stand strong. Even if both of you are on the opposite sides of the planet, love will keep you two together.

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