Peter and Alyona’s Success Story on TrulyRussian

TrulyRussian Peter and Alyona's Success Story

The contents of this article are based on Peter’s story that he willingly shared on TrulyRussian.

Peter described himself as a cynic when it comes to online dating but he never expected to meet Aylona on TrulyRussian, a Russian dating site. Peter is an American and is currently residing in Hawaii. He just randomly chatted with different Russian women until he found Aylona last May 2015.

Aylona is a grade school teacher in an international school in Moscow. At first, Peter thought that she is a quirky woman but later he found out that Alyona is really a genuine woman who has priorities and dreams in life. He felt in love by Alyona and decided to surprise her.

He went to Moscow last August 2015. His friends laughed at him that Alyona might be a fraud and he will only waste his time in Moscow. Peter didn’t listen to his friends and was very sure with his decision to surprise Alyona in Moscow. When he arrived, he immediately went to the international school where Alyona was working and bought a bouquet of flowers.

That was the time their world stopped and made their relationship official. By December 2015, Peter invited Alyona to celebrate Christmas with him and be his date in his friend’s wedding in Hawaii. The photo above was taken from Peter’s friend's entourage.

Peter and Alyona got married last August 2016. Now they are currently residing in Hawaii with their beautiful daughter.

“Thank you TrulyRussian! I never expected I would meet the woman I had always wanted on your site.”

Peter and Aylona’s story sure is inspiring. The thing you believe to be a joke turned out to be the instrument towards your happy ending. TrulyRussian has once again served as a bridge to connecting singles all over the world. Meet and interact with Russian singles today and start your journey towards a happy ending!