8 Reasons Why You Should Date Russian Women

If you are planning to date Russian women, you may have heard and read many reasons from men on why they choose to date them. Aside from their picturesque faces, you will never know their real personality if you only keep on looking at their pictures and faces. One way is to approach them personally so you will get to know them more. If you are still in doubt about dating a Russian woman, here are 8 perfect reasons why.

Russian women are like supermodels

Russian women are known for their good looks and alluring supermodel body figure. That is the main reason why a lot of men from all over the world are ready to travel to Russia just to meet the woman of their dreams. Men adore their long legs, thick hair, desirous cheekbones, and mesmerizing eyes.

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It has been implanted in their heads by their mothers and grandmothers that they must look good every time they go out from their homes to attract a lot of men. They put the effort of putting on makeup and wearing nice clothes to look good. Though not all of them have the extra coin to spend on beauty products and clothing, they sure do have their own ways on how to look their best while still on a budget.

Of course, this should not be your sole reason why you should date Russian women. But it’s definitely a perk.

Russian women are very feminine

This is one of the best things that every western man considered in dating a Russian woman. A lot of men have already complained that women from western countries have lost their femininity.

A Russian woman takes pride in themselves especially their appearance. They always want to look good and that is why it might take them hours just to get ready for a date. Most of them still appreciate a man who can lead them. They still depend on guys who are capable of taking the initiative. In return, they will give you the love and respect you deserve.

Russian women are very loyal

One of the best things to know about dating a Russian woman is they’re loyal to the ones they love. They will do everything just to keep their relationship growing. She will always be there for you even if things get tough. You will not just have a girlfriend but you have a friend where you can get advice and can lend a shoulder to cry on every time you are down. She will support you in all your decisions and activities in life.

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But of course, you should also reciprocate these things to her. She will be expecting it.

Russian women are educated

Aside from their mesmerizing beauties, they are also known for having smart minds. In Russia, they prioritize education very much. They believe that you will be successful as long as you finish your education. Even if they can hardly speak English fluently, it doesn’t mean they don’t have degrees. Most of them finished their degrees in big universities and working in world-class companies.

If you take a look at their profile information in every dating website, you will see that most of them have college degrees. It is because their number one priority is education.

Why date Russian women? Because they’re smart!

Russian women are good cooks

Since they were children, they are taught by their parents and grandparents how to cook Russian dishes to prepare them to become good wives in the future. In Russia, they find a woman desirable if they are good at cooking.

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Being in a relationship with a Russian woman means you will never get hungry. She will prepare you with all the authentic dishes like Blinchiki, Pelmeni, Borcht, etc. It is in their culture that they will always serve food to anyone who will visit their homes, even if it’s just for a short while. If the dish is not to your liking, it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself and not give negative comments in order not to upset her.

Russian women will always be honest with you

You know you are dating a Russian woman when they’re straightforward with you. They will not hesitate to tell you the truth about what they do or don’t like about you. Some may find it rude but it’s a part of their culture that no matter what happens, honesty is always best. Even if it would hurt that person.

The good thing about dating them is you know that her love is sincere and you are assured that they will never cheat on you because they will gladly tell you the truth if they don’t have feelings for you anymore.

An honest and transparent relationship lasts. So why date Russian women? Because they’re honest with their partners.

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Russian women are family-oriented

If you are planning to get married soon and still searching for the right one, Russian women might be considered as your number one choice. Even though they are still young, they are taught by their parents how to become good mothers to their children and wife to their husbands.

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By the time they get married, their families would be their number one priority which they will always choose over their careers. They believe that their main mission as a woman is to become the best mother and wife to their families.

Russian women have great qualities

Russian women are known for being respectful and they understand the importance of respect. Even in small things like taking a call in the middle of dinner, they will excuse themselves, ask for your permission, or even apologize for actually accepting the call.

For them, the man should be the head of the household and should be given respect. But they also demand the same respect from you.

This quality is one of the best reasons to date Russian women.

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