• Should-You-Be-Talking-To-Your-Ex

    Should You Be Talking To Your Ex?

    We’ve all had our hearts broken by someone who once was our everything. Someone with whom we created a life together and promised each other to stick around no matter what. That’s why losing them stings. Post-breakup, many people succeed and completely move on from their ex. The reason? They started talking to their ex and found the closure they needed. Meanwhile, others have remained in the endless and impractical cycle. One reason? They start talking to their ex. So what exactly is the recipe to follow? Should you be talking to your ex? This question right here is a no-brainer: it’s best not to stay friends, at least for…

  • TrulyRussian Surefire Ways to a Successful Double Date

    Surefire Ways to a Successful Double Date

    Going out on a date with your significant other is lovely and delightful, but a double date with your favorite couple might be perfect if you’re running out of date ideas. In addition to that, being on a double date is exciting, especially when you do it with your best set of friends.  Double dating with your favorite couple may feel like the two of you are going out on a date with them. Sure, you wouldn’t want to have sex with Chandler and Monica at the end of your double date. But it’s likely for you two to talk about how you both enjoyed the night and wonder if…

  • Eight Things Interracial Dating Teaches You

    It’s incredible to realize that not too long ago, interracial dating was utterly frowned upon. Dating someone outside of your race was more like an entire community’s business than it actually was. As compared to before, interracial dating today is entirely acceptable. People with progressive minds and hearts have proved to the traditionalists that falling in love with someone outside their race is possible. Hence, we have come a long way. But, while we hate to admit it, there are still crumbs of interracial biases lying somewhere. And trying to figure out how to make an interracial relationship work with the residual hate around can be a challenge. To help…

  • TrulyRussian 7 Warning Cues of Gaslighting in a Relationship

    7 Warning Cues of Gaslighting in a Relationship

    Gaslighting in a relationship is no easy feat. Imagine questioning your every move because your partner might dismiss a situation, label you ‘petty,’ or question your sanity. Inarguably, being gaslighted over and over again may damage your emotional welfare. You’re probably familiar with the term ‘gaslighting,’ but what does it mean exactly? What is gaslighting? Gaslighting—a hot topic in modern dating—is a malicious form of emotional abuse. Gaslighting in a relationship occurs when a partner bullies or deludes the other by creating false narratives and making them question their own reality. This type of manipulation can wear down someone’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Eventually, a victim becomes dependent on the abuser,…

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