Surefire Ways to a Successful Double Date

Going out on a date with your significant other is lovely and delightful, but a double date with your favorite couple might be perfect if you’re running out of date ideas. In addition to that, being on a double date is exciting, especially when you do it with your best set of friends. 

Double dating with your favorite couple may feel like the two of you are going out on a date with them. Sure, you wouldn’t want to have sex with Chandler and Monica at the end of your double date. But it’s likely for you two to talk about how you both enjoyed the night and wonder if the other couple did, too.

Double Date Etiquette to Remember

Generally, double dating is fun and easy. However, things can go haywire really quickly. Personal issues, improper behavior from either of you, or copious displays of affection can turn a lively double date awkward. That’s why you’d need the following guide to bypass any unforeseen crises:

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1. Choose the right couple

Picking the perfect couple to go on a double date with is like going on a date with someone perfect for you. It requires compatibility.

Your best friend may be a wonderful human being, but the relationship with their significant other may be less-than-great. You don’t want to sit awkwardly for an hour or two, faking a laugh because they’ve been bickering nonstop.

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Take a few moments to think about how perfect all four personalities match. You will want to go out with a pair who can keep the mood light, and are incredibly funny and insightful. They also have to be a couple of friends with whom you can share your secrets.

When picking the perfect pair to go on a double date, try to find a good blend of characters to prevent one person from monopolizing the discussion or shying away.

2. Plan an activity everyone will like

Don’t take non-drinker friends to a wine tasting or those that get seasick quickly to a yacht dinner cruise. While the activities you planned are incredibly fancy, they might not appreciate them simply because they’re not interested in those things. Be sure everybody will like that activity so that everyone can enjoy it.

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Another thing to think about is the purpose of your double date. If you’re getting together to get to know your best friend’s significant other and vice versa, consider going somewhere that can help you do that. A dinner date in a restaurant, drinks at a bar, or a book night at home may be perfect.

If you’re looking to blow off steam as a group, adrenaline-inducing activities indoors or outdoor may be ideal. You could do indoor rock climbing, a Ping pong match, or out-of-town hiking. You may also try enrolling yourselves in a pottery or cooking class if you want to break out of a rut.

3. Do something within your and the other couple’s budget

It’s essential to pick the perfect hangout place or out-of-town site for your and the other couple’s optimum fun. But you must also throw into account how much they’re willing to spend for the get-together.

Concurrently, you must be mindful of their costs or additional effort. Do they have to rent a car just to get to your destination? Then, try to adjust your trip accordingly.

Forcing your friends to go beyond their budget (or call of duty) will make things awkward, so always check in with them. Of course, your best bet should be an at-home gathering. You can also send them links about a place, so they’d know about the price without explicitly telling them. 

4. Take a few moments to yourselves

Spending small breaks with your significant other can be a good idea now and then during a double date. You might subtly ask your date to get the next round of drinks or prepare the dinner table with you.

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These moments alone can give you both some time to enjoy each other’s company. You can also take this time to consult your partner if they’re enjoying the get-together.

5. Steer clear of highly personal questions

Avoid over-sharing extremely personal details to the group. While double dating is about knowing each other better and fostering a deeper connection, there is always a limit to how much you’re willing to share information.

Don’t ask how much your friend’s partner earns or when they’re planning to pop the question. Hold your tongue and consider if that something will entertain the group or make them feel uncomfortable.

If your friend has already told you something about their partner’s situation, don’t announce to the group that you already do. Even if a piece of information isn’t that sensitive or racy, people easily get annoyed when they find out someone else knows things about them that they didn’t even share.

6. Include everyone

Going on a double date means ensuring that everyone feels welcome and that they don’t feel left out. Don’t just speak with that same person and risk alienating the rest of the group. Try to choose a topic you know less about or let your friend whom you know less about share to ensure everyone feels like they belong.

At the same time, if you’re an introvert, it is easy to feel intimidated by three other people sitting around you. And while they should also make an effort to get you excited and feel welcome, make sure to do your part. Chime in and contribute to the conversation, and don’t just wait for them to ask your thoughts. 

Keeping everyone engaged on a double date is essential so that everyone can enjoy. When everyone’s involved, they might be willing to another double date sometime soon.

7. Don’t fight with your dating partner

Fighting with your significant other on a double date is a surefire way to make everyone feel embarrassed. Talking about disconcerting things or bickering can easily make the other couple uneasy. It’s also best not to start to play fighting as tension can spiral too quickly.

Trying not to fight with your significant other is another essential aspect of ensuring everyone feels engaged.

8. Try not to come out as a humblebrag

One of the most significant drawbacks of double dating is boasting. The couple you’re going on a double date with maybe huge braggarts that may make you feel uneasy altogether. Or, that couple could be you.

Hence, try to evaluate the fine line between sharing milestones and completely coming out as a humblebrag. It’s nice to share bits and pieces about each other and the goings-on in your respective lives, but don’t try to toot your own horn too much. Try to gauge whether the other couple is curious about your anecdotes or not, too.

double date

Stories about your trips abroad or how your partner got a promotion are great for creating a conversation, but be careful how this news might sound to the other pair sitting next to you. While it isn’t your job not to make them feel intimidated, it’s your business not to make them feel like the double date is a standoff.

9. Have a secret language with your significant other

If you feel like the double date has become a colossal nightmare, it’s good for you and your significant other to keep a planned date routine. You can create subtle signals ahead of time so your partner knows what you mean without having to talk about it. And, risk insulting or embarrassing the other pair.

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You can start scratching your nose to indicate that the conversation has become really weird. Or, make circles with your wineglass to let them know you want to go home.

Good luck and have the most fun!

A double date is perfect if you wish to foster a connection with your friends. It’s also ideal if you’ve just been recently dating someone and want to fill the awkward silence.

Planning your first double date? Remember to follow our nine guides to nail it. Good luck, and enjoy your double date!

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