Eight Things Interracial Dating Teaches You

It’s incredible to realize that not too long ago, interracial dating was utterly frowned upon. Dating someone outside of your race was more like an entire community’s business than it actually was.

As compared to before, interracial dating today is entirely acceptable. People with progressive minds and hearts have proved to the traditionalists that falling in love with someone outside their race is possible.

Hence, we have come a long way. But, while we hate to admit it, there are still crumbs of interracial biases lying somewhere. And trying to figure out how to make an interracial relationship work with the residual hate around can be a challenge.

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To help you with that, we gathered some essential lessons interracial dating can teach you. Also, society can be cruel and will make your love story hard to navigate. So, we made sure our notes were precise and engaging to assure you that love is straightforward and beautiful—always.

Interracial dating—and the things you learn from it

In a perfect world, love wouldn’t notice color, sex, or status—it wins at all times. But, in reality, society conditions us on what’s ideal and what’s not. Traditionalists, on the other hand, harbor unnecessary judgments against couples enjoying interracial dating.

True enough, our current society still sees race as an anomaly—it’s not! Indeed, it can be hard to navigate the field if you’re new to the interracial relationship scene.

Whether you’re simply curious about what interracial dating looks like or are looking for tips to win yours, below are the online interracial love guides you need. Essentially, we rounded up what you’ll learn from being in an interracial relationship. Hopefully, these things will help prove that love truly wins.

1. You realize we’re not all that different

Cultural nuances shape our unique characteristics. But, if we take a closer look at each other, we’re a lot more similar than we think we are.

Just like anyone with a revolutionary heart, you must also value fundamental things like the issue of racism and gender equality. You must have also cringed at that person you know who stayed in a very unhealthy relationship just because they still love the person. And, you must have also stayed on trend and brought the latest gadgets or fashion pieces on the market.

Interracial Dating

So, you see? We’re a lot more similar than we give each other credit. We may be different in cultural matters, but we agree on fundamental issues in society.

2. Critiques could be lessons—instead of attack

You never realize how prevalent racism is until you hang around with people outside of your race. While you may not come across deeply concerning issues, there may be times when a police officer stops you. Or, are thrown weird looks by random people when you’re around them. Yes, that is a terrible thing.

The world can be an unfavorable place to live in—especially to those on the receiving end of the stick. But, if the looks are piercer than the first one or the insults are more painful than before, learn to find a silver lining to it all. Shift their hurtful words and actions into lessons.

When you’ve successfully turned what’s horrible into lessons, you’ll realize how every critique isn’t necessarily an attack. Somehow, somewhere, it’s life helping you learn from that experience.

3. You can resist societal pressure

The pressure to date someone within your race is real. But, you can prove to society that it’s okay to date someone outside of your race.

The people around you will always have something to say about your relationship. Others may inadvertently say harsh words against your love story, but you can’t let outside influences dictate who you love. If your love is greater than their objections, choose to turn your back on them peacefully—interracial dating is never a bad thing.

Revolutionary love is real—and it can make your life easier and more delightful. So, if you can choose between giving in and resisting societal pressure, choose the latter. Rise above criticisms; be kinder, be more receptive, and never let racism win!

4. You strive to learn more about your partner

Loving someone means striving to know the person constantly. And, being in an interracial relationship implies the learning doesn’t end—even if things may become uncomfortable. This case is more critical for you and your date since you don’t share the same race.

Interracial Dating

More than trying to get to know each other’s quirks and perks, you’d have to ask your date questions relating to their culture and heritage. You’d also have to embrace raw conversations—things you were uncomfortable asking before.

It’s essential to ask questions to know more about one another. So, disregard the discomfort and ask away. It’s better to be curious than be oblivious.

Additionally, your date may enlighten you about what their culture feels like, but most times, you’ll only completely understand a narrative when you study its history. Hence, educate yourself by reading some literary pieces about their race, culture, and heritage.

5. You’ll eventually love the things that make you distinct

When you take the time to get to know a culture for the sake of love, you learn to appreciate everything about them. You’ll eventually find yourself admiring their cuisine, traditions, culture, and all things that make them unique. You might even take things further and plan trips together to each other’s homeland.

6. You learn to break free from stereotypes

Stereotypical comments about a person or culture can only control you if you allow them to be. They are hurtful as much as they are sleazy, but they do not explain an entire narrative. No—they don’t define you.

If you want to start a fulfilling interracial relationship, unlearn everything you heard about them and rediscover their culture through your personal experiences. Start anew when you let go of the prejudices and break free from stereotypes.

7. You understand the importance of communication

The cultural gap is one of the most prevalent reasons interracial couples argue. Hence, communication is utterly essential here. 

There are unspoken rules to interracial relationships—sometimes, things you wish your partner would figure out by themselves. However, your dating partner can’t just magically understand where you’re coming from if you don’t explain it to them. And, here is where communication would come in.

Interracial Dating

To avoid unnecessary quarrels and whatnot, you’d have to communicate everything you’re comfortable sharing with your partner. You’d have to let them on in something so they’d get a clear picture of a situation. True enough, with communication, you’ll be able to forge a beautiful relationship together.

8. You will inevitably slip up—and you’ll be okay

It’s inevitable to hit sore or awkward topics when trying to get to know a person or their culture. You may be telling them a joke but realize later on it’s a derogatory statement or casually express your appreciation for a political leader hated in their country.

Interracial Dating

It’s pretty impossible not to slip up once or twice when you’re in an interracial relationship. But, this mustn’t discourage you from pursuing love and life together. Be receptive, respectful, and resilient in your quest to learn your dating partner’s culture. 

Work hard and trust that it’ll work!

With the popularity of online dating platforms, it has become easier to commit yourself to interracial dating scenes. However, the real challenge with meeting someone from a completely different background from you is this: the pressure to find common ground may take some time.

So, be patient and learn to trust in each other. Your love story will bloom if you take the time to nurture and fight for it.

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