Essential Steps to Make Ukrainian Women Feel Empowered

Despite many efforts to make Ukrainian women feel empowered this Women’s Month, it’s as if a moot effort at the moment. Currently, Ukrainians are in the middle of the most challenging phase of injustice: the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. And, among the affected groups are women. To say that women in Ukraine today feel helpless is a colossal understatement.

Although citizens of the parties involved—and the rest of the world—are still waiting for this to be over, everyone is hoping for a more peaceful future nevertheless. When that day comes, Ukrainian women will again need reminding how awesome they are should they bring out their full potential.

With that in mind, below are the 15 ways to make Ukrainian women feel empowered. Follow them with an open mind and an excited heart. Enjoy!

Ways to Boost Ukrainian Women’s Morale

1. Fight against residual war damages and injustice

At the end of every war, there will always be residual damages made and impacted on the survivors. There will always be some intangible wounds that need healing. Hence, be with a Ukrainian woman during this time.

Make a Ukrainian woman feel empowered when you stand with them when fighting for women’s rights. Be with them every step of the way and invite them to rally together at your local women’s march. Encourage other Ukrainian women to fight for women’s rights when you can.


Step on your favorite shoes, craft a banner and get ready to take down injustice with an empowered group of women by your side.

2. Validate women’s self-expression

Women’s narratives are largely unrepresented in the media and popular culture. So when you see a Ukrainian woman opening up, sharing her truth on social media, and letting herself be vulnerable, acknowledge that courageous act.

feel empowered

Meanwhile, when you see a man or another woman negating her emotions, step in and calmly remind them that this is her story. Be sure to applaud her for speaking it as well.

When you validate a Ukrainian woman’s emotion, you offer them consolation that you understand what they are feeling. It also says that you empathize with them without judgment.

3. Provide support to all women, including the “strong” ones

Ukrainian women are innately strong-willed—they don’t back down, regardless of life’s struggle. Time and history are witnesses to this. 

Ukrainians have a sad political story then and now. And while women in the country may appear firm and confident, they also need help. While they are so used to their unstable economy, they also want to live a tranquil and comfortable life. 

feel empowered
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Moreover, when the war’s over, many children and women in Ukraine are at risk of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic disorder. Hence, be with them and offer your time no matter how strong they may seem on the outside—they will need that. 

4. Remind her of the importance of solitude

Taking oneself on a date, spa day, or curling by the window to read a book is a sure act of self-care. Spending things alone and prioritizing one’s needs only can make a Ukrainian woman feel empowered. 

Unplugging and separating oneself from others to reflect on what’s happening in our lives is essential. More than anything else, it helps increase the quality of their relationships with other people.

Hence, make a Ukrainian woman feel empowered by reminding her to have alone time. Encourage her not to be afraid to eat lunch alone when she needs to decompress.

5. Help her overcome negative memories

Ukrainian women are in the roughest patch of their lifetime. The negative emotions have skyrocketed, and many find the entire situation too overwhelming.

When everything’s over, make a Ukrainian woman feel empowered by helping her shut down negativity. Most importantly, stand by her when she combats terrifying recollections of the war and replaces all of them with positivity. When she successfully fills her life with positivity, be there to celebrate this win, too.

6. Be vulnerable, too

Women enjoy the rights they experience today, thanks to all the women who paved and beautified the way to make it happen. The brave and confident women ahead of them have all shared their struggles and fought for real changes. Thanks to the women who rose to the occasion to combat misogyny, the world has significantly transformed.

While listening to Ukrainian women’s stories are important, it’s just as essential to share your experiences. Hence, be open and let yourself be vulnerable, too. While this could be tough, sometimes, it can play an integral part in giving other women a voice. 

7. Support women-run businesses

Research reveals male entrepreneurs are twice as likely to scale $100,000 or more in funding than female entrepreneurs. The data means one unfortunate thing: women are, then and now, constantly shortchanged.

When you know a Ukrainian businesswoman strutting their path into the “men’s world of business,” go out of your way to support them. If the world gives them little to no support just because they are women, lend them a helping hand. Invest your time and money in competent, capable women who are bent on making an impact.

8. Connect her to the right people

There’s an old saying that goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with.” This adage rings so much truth: the better connected you are with positive and extraordinary people, the better you become.

As such, help a Ukrainian lady feel empowered by introducing them to the right people. Introduce them to other women—or men—who can help make their days better and whole life bearable. These are the people who will inspire them to keep going and keep kicking life’s struggles in its behind.

Happy Women’s Day!

Whether you’re a Ukrainian woman’s better half or online friend, help her feel empowered by showing her the thoughts and emotions she carries matter. And, don’t fail to remind them of their strength.

feel empowered

Helping change the narrative for all women and seeing differences take time and effort. So, hang in there and don’t stop being their number one fan until they finally feel better. Happy Women’s Day!

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