Why Dating in Your 30s Is Exciting

Dating in your 30s is exciting—no doubt about that. It might even be more fun than dating in your 20s.

While dating in your 20s feels like the spotty lights of a disco ball, dating in your 30s can be more like a full glare from a moving head. By now, you understand the dating game more—the techniques to fascinate someone or ditch them altogether.

We still have so many things to contribute to this stimulating conversation. Read on to learn why dating in your 30s will be the best decision you’ll make.

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Ultimate Reasons Why Dating in Your 30s is Exciting

1. You know what you want in a relationship

When you were in your 20s, maybe you were attracted to someone reserved. But this changed when you realized how draining it felt to be constantly available to someone who can’t be bothered to open up.

Or, perhaps, you’ve always imagined yourself to be with someone ambitious. But, that someone turned out to be in between jobs and too lazy even to send out resumes.

In your 30s, you learn that all your surface-level standards aren’t that important. You recognize that you want someone that fits your personality and will accept you.

2. Asking for what you want is not awkward anymore

Dating in your 30s will be more rewarding because you’re more confident to ask what you want in a relationship. You’re now unafraid to ask serious questions like marriage and kids. Or, you might be braver to assert you don’t want to spend your first date through a drive halfway across the country to participate in cosplay.

Now, when in a bar or coffee shop, you might find yourself very subtly inquiring about your date’s plans for the future. If they don’t seem ready for a committed relationship, you walk away—as if it has always been the right thing to do.

Dating in Your 30s
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It may be a bold move, but it’s the best step to vet the kind of relationship your heart craves. Having your intentions in the open for everyone to see will also help beckon someone committed and drive away others who aren’t.

3. ‘No-label’ relationships are not an option

‘No label’ relationships are fun—the thrill of the unknown can be very intoxicating. Knowing less about each other may have even added to the excitement. The entire charade might even have been the highlight of your 20s.

But, in your 30s, you’ll realize how messy ‘no label’ relationships can be. Or how painful not knowing where you are in someone’s life can be. So, you avoid wasting your time and emotions on someone who can never be The One.

4. You’re more comfortable showing the real you

Dating in your 30s is ideal as you’ve grown more confident about yourself. You no longer give a damn whether or not someone likes you. Or, someone’s expectations of you no longer bother you.

When you turn 30, you’ll grow a pair (or a plethora of) DGAF mindset. Not having to put on a front and letting someone see the real you is liberating, and you find yourself doing that often in your 30s. You’ll be so confident in your 30s that you will no longer care enough to lie or omit things that might be a dealbreaker to your date.

5. Your heart is freer to love

Many people who’ve ever fallen in love have also experienced great heartbreaks. It’s never easy. No matter the degree of the breakup or regardless of who did the hurting, there will always be two people who’ll go home feeling devastated.

Our previous relationships might be heart-shattering, but they also helped mold our idea of perfect love. The people that came and went have become “allies in our growth and healing,” says Jordan Gray, a famous author and relationship coach. And, freeing our hearts from the pain also helps new love from coming in.

6. You’ve grown wiser and more mature

In an attempt to heal your heart, you must have tried to disappear off the face of the earth. You disconnected and stayed away from everyone or everything who’ll remind you of the breakup.

Perhaps, you went out traveling or worked outside your home country to escape. We’re here to tell you; you didn’t do something terrible. If it helped heal your heart, then it’s most definitely a great move.

Besides helping you move on, that experience will also give you ample time to reflect on what happened. Constant reflection will eventually lead to maturity. So, it’s a win-win move, after all.

Dating in Your 30s
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7. There are significant improvements on your dating prospects

Most of your 20s must consist of making two opposite worlds collide. No matter how loveless your past relationship might be or how someone spent too little time, you must have tried to invest more to double-check if it still works out.

But all these efforts eventually go straight to the trash when you discover that you deserve better. In many ways, dating in your 30s is fulfilling because you now know where to put your energy. It’s also more efficient as you understand your threshold on dating better.

Now, you choose to be with someone who can put in as much as you did. You no longer have to beg for someone to share something with you. Someone great will come along—who might be, this time around, your ideal partner—and will readily give it without you asking.

8. You put your time to good use now

Being in your 30s might mean you now have a stable and pretty busy career. So, making time to date can be challenging. You will now need to put things on hold to prioritize the date.

However, once you decide to give it a try and realize it’s worthless after all, you go home. You no longer blame yourself for why it went terribly. Now, you shrug things off and choose to crawl to bed before ten instead of feeling awful over a bad date.

You do you!

Dating in your 30s is exciting, as you’re a much better person now. You understand yourself and embrace your body better. You no longer hold yourself accountable for a messed-up relationship. Instead, you chalk it up to experience.

But the best reason why it’s ideal to date in your 30s? You now have more cash to splash on interesting dates—kidding!

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Irrespective of your situation or past experiences, be sure to put in what you expect to receive in return. Finally, enjoy everything, and don’t let social pressures push you to do things you’re not prepared for.

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