Should I Date Online? 8 Factors to Think About

No matter how advertisements make online dating appear like a whimsical romance wonderland, it will always be a hit-or-miss situation. 

Just like regular dating, online dating has its pros and cons. It is understandable why someone would have doubts about trying this format. If you are that someone, there is no need to feel guilty or weirded out.

Since you are reading this post, it is safe to assume that you gave online dating some thoughts. To help you make a sound decision, we shortlisted the most critical things regarding online dating. Here is a quick read:

Should You Date Online? 8 Critical Factors to Consider

1. Not Always About Sex

It is crazy how most dating sites and apps advertise their platform as an avenue merely for booty calls and casual sex. While online dating involves tons of hook-ups, there is still a lot more to discover. 

Online dating expands people’s perspectives of the world. Through it, humans can be everywhere and do almost anything. Some choose to have crazier sexual escapades, while others, unsurprisingly, prefer wholesome meet-cutes. 

Online dating is how you make it. Do not allow stereotypes to dictate how your experience should be. Remove the internet factor and the extended communication features, and you will realize that online dating is just regular dating. It is a normal and reasonable social interaction for humans.

2. Date Potentials

No matter how sociable a person is, there is always a limit to how many you can physically meet in a day. 

However, online dating is different. By visiting a profile, you can virtually meet someone. You do not even have to have conversations with them. Their pictures and biographical statements will provide a sneak peek of their personalities and lifestyles.

Since you are dating online, your date potentials will skyrocket. Even though you register with a website or app exclusive to a specific region, you can still meet a more extensive group of people than you could in real life. 

3. Dating Tropes

Aside from having a wider variety of date potentials, online dating will also introduce you to a never-ending number of date setups. 

The internet brought so much change to humans, including their relationships. Through online dating, you can find a girlfriend, boyfriend, or both if you are interested. Other than the usual intimate relationships, people can also indulge in unique arrangements. 

Although websites and apps implement regulations, online dating is a lawless realm. The relationship can be as straightforward as being a monogamous heterosexual one or as complex as a polygamous partnership with multiple sexualities involved. If you are looking for freedom in this aspect, online dating might work well for you.

4. Digital Connection

The internet created portals for everyone to meet anyone, no matter where they are in the world. 

As such, online dating can be a direct cultural experience. By meeting strangers, you can also know about their ethnic and personal conditions. You can encounter unique connections with every click. 

Other than the uniqueness of the people you might meet online, developing relationships through online dating is quite a one-of-a-kind ride as well. 

During online dates, people can be more open. Despite the lack of knowledge about what the other person is going through, the online dating setup pushes people to be more empathetic towards others.

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5. Online Identity

Online dating can both be liberating and deceiving. 

Most people use this platform as an extended representation of self. In the digital realm, people do not fear breaking social norms as much as they do in the real world. Online dating can inspire people to be more honest.

Unfortunately, online dating is a double-edged sword. While it encourages some people to be their authentic selves, others use the situation as an opportunity to hide and deceive others. Online dating sites are flooded with posers or individuals who use the identity of others and project it as their own. 

Before getting too close with someone, be sure to confirm first the legitimacy of their profiles.

6. Gender Roles

Online dating breaks gender roles and other social norms. 

As said before, every person can be anyone on the internet. If you are a man who wishes to be more conservative when meeting women, no one will judge you. On the other hand, if you are a woman who wants to be straightforward and aggressive with men, that is perfectly fine as well. 

People will not care about the gender roles you assume so long as it is not harmful or offensive. Besides, it is already 2021. Gender-based standards are slowly breaking apart on the internet.

7. Personal Safety

Online dating can be problematic as well. Some of its most troublesome and dangerous issues involve personal safety. 

When you are on the internet, no one can guarantee that you will be a hundred percent safe. Scammers are out there, and they do not let their targets get off the hook that easily.

After messaging someone for a while, you may eventually decide to meet them in person. In that case, your first meet-up should always be in a very public setting. The more people can see you, the better. 

Also, do not give out personal details. There have been cases of ex-online flings turned into stalkers.

8. Standard of Beauty

If you decide to engage in online dating, please exercise common sense. Someone can look good and seem like the best partner ever, but online projections can be unrealistic. 

Besides, dating profiles focus too much on physical beauty. Sometimes, people forget that they are there to meet someone or make friends. Some people get so consumed with vanity that they resort to excessive editing.

There are conventionally attractive people. Not being one of them does not equate to having poor dating prospects. Do not let social standards discourage you from trying. Online dating still boils down to the users’ personal preferences. 

Give Online Dating a Try

COVID-19 was a devastating change for humans, especially in terms of dating experiences. Thankfully, the internet exists, and people can somehow find connections despite being in isolation. To date online is a terrific option if you desire to meet singles and potentially form a relationship with someone. 

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