The Best Dating Sites in Saint Petersburg

Are you perusing for dating sites to use in Saint Petersburg?

Finding love, in this day and age, is slightly easier than how it was in the past. After all, we now have several avenues to choose from when searching for fellow singles. Clubs, soirees, speed dating events — these are only some of the many options we can take.

Online dating is another one to consider, especially when we look at the current state of the world.

Now, if you’re in Saint Petersburg or surrounding areas and are looking for online dating sites and apps to try out, do know that there is no shortage of options to choose from. 

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best in the area.

7 Saint Petersburg Dating Sites to Choose From

1. TrulyRussian

If you’re looking to find love through Saint Petersburg dating sites, then TrulyRussian could be the dating website you’re looking for. 

TrulyRussian is a dating app that’s available for desktop and mobile and cares more about finding long-lasting love than dating casually. Here’s why:

Finding the perfect match

TrulyRussian is beyond the quick fix of swiping through profiles at a glance. Instead, it tries to give you a more accurate and meaningful match. 

Aside from the general details found when looking through profiles, its features include a Personality Test and Relationship Questionnaire that you can answer. Once completed, you can compare your results with another person’s profile through a Match Table.

Answering this questionnaire isn’t mandatory for users, but it definitely helps find someone that can potentially be of romantic interest to you. You also get to know a complete stranger a little bit better before deciding to spark a conversation.

However, some people may not have all the time in the world to compare personalities and read through many results. TrulyRussian knows this, which is why they also have the Add to Your Favorites button so you can look back at the profiles that caught your attention when you have the time! What matters the most is finding the right match for you.

Making the first move

Maybe you’re a little shy to start a conversation with someone you like. Fear not because TrulyRussian gives you options to ease your worries. If you’re not feeling as confident to spark a conversation, you can tap the green heart on a profile to let the other profile know that you are interested in them.

Having mutual interests in each other can help take away the initial jitters. Once that’s out of the way, you can start building on your connection through Texts and Video Chats. TrulyRussian even allows you to translate messages to bridge that language barrier. So what are you waiting for? Make that first move!

Read through our guide if you’re feeling a little unsure about how to prepare for a video date.

Keeping it safe

But above all these wonderful features that TrulyRussian offers, the most important thing is all the members’ safety. This dating site allows Profile Verification in four ways: Facebook, camera, phone, and ID.

Verifying your account can get you a badge on your profile to show potential matches that you are real. This verification process is how TrulyRussian protects its members from online dating scams and gives a safe environment when finding the perfect match.

And to further encourage your potential matches, Share Photos, whether publicly or privately, on your profile and make sure these were recently taken. It helps boost your profile and build better connections with others. Find love online by being genuine and honest about yourself.

Once you finally find your match made in heaven, bring up your online dating game by reading through our guide on dating in Saint Petersburg!

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2. RussianCupid 

RussianCupid is another great Saint Petersburg dating site if you’re a foreigner looking into dating Russian singles in the area to find love. Its features include detailed profile information where you can write down many details about yourself. In the same way, search filters in the website can be just as specific.

The dating app also tries to cater to your specific preference, which is why you can also add tags to your profile to share your interests and make your profile searchable.

For RussianCupid, love and safety go hand in hand. One of its most unique features is a section on the website dedicated to Marriage information for couples interested in getting married through the app. It requires you to fill up a form that includes your Criminal Record, Marriage status, and other information to ensure a safe marriage.

3. Tinder 

Tinder is popular around the globe, and Saint Petersburg is no stranger to this dating app either. Its popularity comes from its convenience and quick app features that help you make a decision instantly. You can add basic information to your profile, and once that’s ready, you simply swipe right if you’re interested in someone or swipe left if not. 

Tinder is more commonly designed for casual online dating rather than finding long-term relationships. With this dating app’s popularity in Saint Petersburg, you’ll find that there are many Russians on different platforms who are looking for love or even just a short-term companion.

4. is also a dating site commonly used in Russia, including Saint Petersburg, because it specifically caters to Russian speakers. There are around 23 million members on this site. If you speak the language or plan to travel to Russia to find love, then this Saint Petersburg dating site could be perfect for you. 

The app has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use and will not overwhelm you with information. Apart from the general information and detailed filters when looking for a match, also has forums where members can post questions and comment on other posts. It’s much like a dating app with a touch of social interaction. 

Another unique feature offers is the Travel Buddies search. You can find a list of posted trips and see the profiles of people who are joining, potentially finding love through travels.

5. Badoo

Some people go on dates to love, and others are in the dating game only to have a good time. Badoo is a great dating app for those who are looking into casual dating. This app is known to call itself a social media platform for singles who are looking for dates. It has a “fresh and hip” take on online dating and caters more to the younger generation.

Badoo has many special features similar to mini-games to help you interact with other members outside the main goal of finding people to date. Despite having a newer and younger take on a dating app, Badoo also prioritizes people’s safety with several layers of profile verification. They have strict regulations and can even block users that fail their verification process.

With the new take in online dating from Badoo, speed dating is also a popular dating trend. If you’re interested in trying, here’s our overview of speed dating in Saint Petersburg.


If there’s a dating site used mainly by people located in Saint Petersburg, it’s With over 18 million members and 50,000 online whenever you enter, this website can offer you a diverse set of people to interact with. You can even browse through profiles before making an account. is pretty much a basic dating website from sign-up to basic search filters to communicating with matches. Still, one of its unique features includes a Journal on your profile, where you can share your thoughts or simply just express yourself on the website. Other members can even subscribe to these journals that you have written.


Although the word “te amo” is the Spanish translation of “I love you”, is actually a popular Russian dating site. Its number one goal is to help you find love and a serious, long-term relationship. 

With that goal in mind, has a unique signup process. Singles are required to take a lengthy personality test where results can show 17 different personality characteristics. 

The test forms a psychological portrait of a user that is often enough to give you a complete picture. And with every result that comes out from each individual, tries to find the one that best matches yours. 

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Which of these Saint Petersburg dating sites are you interested in?

Trying dating apps can be a bit taboo for some. But with the new age of dating culture, given the pandemic, it’s always fun to try new ways to find love. All these Saint Petersburg dating sites are available within your reach with just a few clicks.

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