Find Russians Online: A Definite Guide

If you are in Russia or want to find Russians online, befriend them, or find a way to a Russian girl’s heart, the best and easiest way to look for them is online. With online platforms, it is always possible and convenient to set your preferences for the types of people you want to meet. The typical “hi” and “how are you?” wouldn’t go a long way, and there are stereotypes you believe your entire life that proves themselves true or otherwise. It is for you to figure out. Here are some of the few points for good conversation starters:

Things to know need to know before you find Russians online

Russians are straightforward and serious

As we are all in a formal setting or an unknown environment, we tend to be in our earnest and straight-faced selves compared to familiar and casual setups. Like anybody, there are times we choose to be nice to save face. But spare it for the Russians — they don’t like to be overly friendly when the situation doesn’t call for it. They are the most straightforward people on earth. That is an advantage when you need the most honest opinions because they don’t beat around the bush. You wouldn’t think finding Russians online would this be easy, do you?

Feminism and Chivalry in Russia coexist

As the poet, Lord Byron said, “Chivalry is not dead.” Well, they tried to do away with it several times in Russia, but it turned out to be immortal. Many distinguished men in Russia to be polite and diligent, while women, on the other hand, are perceived to be homemakers. Where this is verifiable, it isn’t holding up almost everywhere, same as in Russia. 

On a global scale, women only hold a quarter of senior management positions. In fact, 45 percent of senior management positions are held by women in Russia, according to the report by the US-based audit firm Grant Thornton.

Wherever it is, there is not a significant distinction between how you are perceived as a person and where you come from. On the other hand, Russian men are quite courteous to women. So if you are searching for some Russian adventure or searching for Russians online, you are expected to be courteous as well.

Russians are fond of vodka

It might seem “unladylike” for Russian women to drink lots of vodkas since it is mainly considered as a beverage for men. It might be surprising for them if you refuse a shot because, for them, it is not a big deal. 

Though this drink is not considered as an aperitif or a digestif, it goes well with Russian food. Also, many Russians believe that vodka is healthier than other spirits and some doctors confirm this. The reason as to why this liquid currency plays an essential role in everyday transactions The Baltimore Sun in December 1991 explains, “A repairman will yawn if you offer 20 rubles to get the car fixed or a ceiling plugged. But if you offer a bottle of vodka, the job gets done.”

And, yes, Russians do love vodka and having conversations about vodka with your pal on the web will definitely help you find your preferred Russian online.

Russian Babushkas do exist

You can only recall the Babooshka song of the 1980s by Kate Bush when you hear the word. In Russia, it means granny. It can either mean your father’s or mother’s mother or any old aged woman. Though they have stereotypes of how Russian Babushkas look like: a short, old granny with a scarf wrapped around her head, it can also mean a married woman. Babushka can also refer to the scarf tied under the chin that seems to be a fashion for Russian women. 

Never get into an argument with a Babushka since being polite to an elder demonstrates respect in Russia. So don’t mind it if a few of them grannies cut you off in line or demand a seat on the metro — this is normal and unconditional.

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Russians are traditionally superstitious

There are explicitly eleven Russian superstitions, but here are a few that are noticeable at first hand. 

Premature Happy Birthdays. Who wants to have their happy birthday greeting two days prior? Russians don’t because it is considered bad luck. If you look at it, it is more rational rather than superficial.

Homonymous Names. Almost everybody in Russia has Alexander or Alexandra names, and guess what — they have the same nicknames too! Except for the last names.

You might have wondered why this is the case, but there is a superstition that meeting people of the same names brings good rather than bad luck. So make a wish when you happen to be in between two people of the same names, and whatever you desire will come true. Just make sure nobody knows it. Otherwise, it will not happen. 

Be the Odd One. Thankfully, this only applies to flowers. In this case, if you bring some to a family gathering or anyone, make sure they add up. This rule holds and is still observed at all times. 

Discover other Russian superstitions from your newfound Russian friends and see how they also have similarities to your culture, perhaps this way you can easily find your Russian online.

Corruption is rampant in Russia

This problem carries on to any other nation that exists. Whether it is true or not, the gravity of how corruption is seen with its conditions determines its place in the society. 

It is not surprising if you’ll get random chances when the police have to stop you for a passport or ID check on the Metro or the road for a traffic violation. The officer might offer you a choice between an official ticket and jail time in some cases, or to pay them a bribe to let you go off without paperwork. 

Bureaucracy has its languages wherever you go, and there’s a handful of theories for the Russian government, but this doesn’t apply too much to the voyage you will be doing just in case you decide to go to Russian and meet your Russian friends just yet.

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Russians are chain smokers

According to the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, “Approximately 35 million people in Russia ages 15 and older currently smoke. The country ranked as the largest adult smoking population in Europe where more than 60 percent of men and 22 percent of women smoke”. Moreover, in 2016, 15 percent of Russia’s youth smoked. 

Although there is a control imposed way back in 2008, Russia still has one of the highest smoking rates in the world. But that doesn’t mean you will get into second-hand smoke in Russian streets. Just be wary that most clubs and bars will have swarms of smokers outside of them. 

Nevertheless, Russia is a huge country, and you will find other places that smoke or are cigarette-free. Also, many younger generations are health-conscious and don’t smoke at all, so you will always have Russian friends of your preference.

Russians are flashy

It is by little chance that you will find a Russian woman with no makeup even if you live in the same house. Dressing up is pretty traditional too! That is because as what Russian girls say, “you never know where you’ll meet your destiny.” And so, no matter what the distance is, even if it is at a convenience store across the street, you will see them spotless. But they are not more flashy than New Yorkers; this both applies to men and women in general. 

Russian women are gorgeous

Still, this holds up to this day as it is the same for every country in its “most beautiful cities.” Also, women in Russia dress to impress and are keen to fashion sense. If you try to check them out online, everybody would seem flawless like a doll.

How to Find Russians Online

We made the conversation starters as easy as possible, and so now we go to the central theme of how we can maneuver properly with finding the right Russian friends we want to keep. Here are a few ways to meet people in Russia: 

Dating apps and websites 

Online dating has been rampant since the start of the internet age. Remember the days when people are still using dial-up for their internet connections? It is not surprising that some dating sites already exist during those days. 
By no means we make use of the internet to meet and find Russians online, and online dating could be an option. In fact, according to data from Sensor Tower, Russia is the world’s leader in downloads of dating apps. Expats who are in Russia have a lineup of platforms to prospect, depending on what you are seeking. No doubt, this is one of the options you can have for finding Russians online, too!

Show up on meetup events

Some meetup events in Russia are available online too! Joining local meetups and events is the best way to meet like-minded individuals. However, you will likely find that these groups are based in more popular cities for ex-pats such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. Some of these groups’ singles are participating with the same intention too! Find your Russian online through meetup events and make sure you also show up. 

Join a local club

For instance, you don’t have to be physically in the location of these clubs. Recently, clubs are opening for virtual interactions online for people who share the same hobbies or activities. But if you are already in Russia and want to be physically active, there are plenty of local clubs and associations that can are on Facebook. Whatever it might be under the sun, you are always set for an adventure in Russia’s larger cities! While these clubs are not designed for singles, you just don’t know who you might meet. Be part of these clubs and maybe you can find your Russian friends or lover here.

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