Dating in Saint Petersburg, Russia: Tips to Win the Local’s Heart

Dating in Saint Petersburg, Russia is like searching for the most exciting mystery book. Lads and ladies in Saint Petersburg carry an enigma on their shoulders, making them more attractive. As a foreigner in the country or someone with a virtual date from the city, it may be slightly hard to understand your Russian date.

However, these changes vary on your date’s upbringing and social status rather than their nationality. Nonetheless, the country’s traditions play a part in who they are now. Dating in St. Petersburg in today’s time is greatly inspired by the dating customs and practices in the country.

Unlock a beautiful love story yet when you try to know your Russian date on a profound level. Read this article by heart to decipher the codes and signals your date’s giving you.

Dating Customs in Saint Petersburg, Russia: Then and Now

dating in saint petersburg russia

St. Petersburg is a city in Russia, famous for its beautiful architecture. It is also home to many warm-hearted women and men. These single lads and ladies are real romantics and fun to be with. 

To understand Russian singles better, let’s go back to their dating customs or old ideologies and compare them to how they are now.

1. Patriarchy and Gender Roles

Russia was a society that held high regard for patriarchy. The elders taught women to seek protection from a strong man. They believed women needed a man that could provide for them instead of providing for themselves. Meanwhile, the older men saw themselves as knights that should save the damsel in distress. 

In the past, Russian women’s goal was to study, get married, and have children. They focused on becoming homemakers, while the men were trained to be providers. Women needed to look reserved and well-groomed, while men kept themselves unshaved and unkempt. They took the masculinity card out whenever they noticed a man being too well-groomed.

However, today, women know how to speak their minds. Instead of relying on the man for everything, most women now train themselves to be successful working moms. On the other hand, men are now open to feminism and support women’s call for equality. They now share the burden equally, irrespective of gender roles. Now, men and women can dress up or dress down in any way they wish to without worrying about anybody’s opinion. 

2. Dinner and Date

A few years back, men paid for dinner all the time. It was an obligation and respect for the women, no questions asked. This was understandable as they arranged dinner with the ones they’re sure to spend their lives with. Women were also taught to act aloof at social gatherings, while men had to give generous gifts to charm the lady.

Gone are the days when women should be adored and cherished. Today, women like to be treated as equals. They are now as reliable as men when it comes to footing the dinner’s bill. In fact, most women now insist on paying for the bill, and men allow them to do so, with the guarantee that they will pay for the next date. 

Compared to the dating customs in St. Petersburg, men and women now meet other people for a casual hookup. Also, now, women can be as goofy as they want to.

3. Family and Love

Folks in St. Petersburg put family above all else. They valued their family’s decisions and opinions. And by family, it also means their grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts. 

Extended family members were also involved in the youngsters’ decision-making. With this, everyone’s opinions were respected and listened to with high regard. It came to the point that the younger men and women allowed the elders to interfere in their romantic relationships.

In present-day St. Petersburg, younger men and women still value their elders’ opinions. While they are still close with the extended family, they only allow their immediate families to get involved in their personal struggles. The younger generations still ask for love advice, but they will follow what their heart says at the end of the day.

Dating Tips in Saint Petersburg, Russia 

dating in saint petersburg russia

Time and St. Petersburg customs make for a perfect lad or lady. To help you tread your way on your dream date’s hearts, we rounded up the modern dating culture in Saint Petersburg, plus a few tips to help you ease into it. 

1. People in St. Petersburg are very fashionable

Men and women in St. Petersburg are very fashionable. Women in this city rarely go out of the house without makeup, while men always have to look their best. 

However, for people in St. Petersburg, great character sure wins the heart. For them, good looks and a great attitude makes for a perfect life partner. So, it’s best to dress appropriately on the first date to catch their eyes. But to make them stay, it’s essential to show how kind and polite you are.

2. They take pleasure in giving and receiving gifts

Regardless of the occasion, Russians, in general, don’t visit friends and family unless they bring gifts with them. They value gift-giving so much that it’s customary not to come empty-handed. Unlike what you may now think, the present isn’t what’s important; it’s the representation of your gift that matters.

3. They are superstitious

People in St. Petersburg do believe in superstitions — a lot. For example, they don’t like to whistle as they might drive the money away. Or, when someone forgets something, they have to look at the mirror to remember it. 

While this may be funny to some, these beliefs are already embedded in their genes. So, respect their views and try to understand where they’re coming from. Keep your opinions to yourself if you also want to keep them in your life. 

However, if these matters are a dealbreaker for you, try discussing this with them. We bet they’ll try and understand you too.

4. They are very opinionated

Most people in St. Petersburg are very opinionated. They rarely hold back when they disagree with your opinions. They will tell you what you need to hear, even when you don’t want to. If they know a matter is good for you, they’ll explain it to you and wouldn’t mind giving different perspectives to understand the situation better.

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5. They are not fluent in English

Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” 

That said, it is best to learn the language of your Russian date. It doesn’t only make the conversation smoother, it also proves your affection for the other person. This doesn’t mean that they cannot speak English. It just means that most of them refrain from conversing in English as they don’t want to sound stupid when they say it wrong.

6. They love a good laugh

Russians love to laugh. They love to share funny jokes with friends as they think this can foster any relationship. So, it will be wise to connect with them by throwing in fun punch lines. 

But a word of advice — don’t joke about their families, use humor to fill in an awkward scenario, or cover sarcasm through jokes. They’ll only call your bluff! It may be best to understand their culture first before throwing in some lines if being funny is important to you.

7. They are real romantics

Dating in Saint Petersburg, Russia won’t be beautiful without a fun flirting moment on the side. They admire a date that makes sweet gestures or gives honest compliments. 

For most women, chivalry amongst men shouldn’t die. No matter how others see it old-fashioned, they appreciate men that’ll give them flowers on the date, open the door for them, pull up the chair, and take her home after the date. So, be perfect on your first date. It’s not wrong to put your best foot forward — just don’t forget to be authentic, too.

Where to Meet Singles in Saint Petersburg

dating in saint petersburg russia

The pandemic is altering the dating life of people. Many single men and women turned to online dating apps to look for virtual dates or hookups. While finding a potential partner in person will always have its spark, meeting them online will be equally challenging. Sifting the posers from authentic users will be the initial challenge through online dating. Then it follows searching for someone that you’ll be compatible with. 

Lucky for you, TrulyRussian is created to allow ideal relationships to form and grow. It is a popular online dating site in St. Petersburg and in Russia that can help soulmates meet and create a beautiful relationship. This dating app in St. Petersburg is straightforward and user-friendly, making the overall experience a breeze.

Start your dating journey in Saint Petersburg, Russia

If you find a date in St. Petersburg, it will be perfect to acquaint yourself with their culture and traditions. That, and add in honesty, kindness, and sweetness.

Use the guide above to meet singles in St. Petersburg. If you happen to meet someone in the city through our tips, let us know! We love hearing a great love story.

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