The Best Russian Dating Apps to Meet “The One”

The One is, undeniably, hard to find. Meeting the person whom you’ll likely spend your life with was already challenging before the pandemic hits. 

But it shouldn’t be as hard now, thanks to the online dating applications. The online dating industry continues to flourish in the COVID-19 period, especially in Russia. Developers have also been matching their app features with the world’s current situation. 

This doesn’t only aid you to get out of your boredom vessel, but it also increases your chances of meeting The One.

As such, we sifted the best and safest dating apps in Russia to help you unfold the most beautiful love story yet. 

Top Dating Apps that Russians Use

1. TrulyRussian

TrulyRussian is the go-to dating app in Russia for finding true love online. Specializing in helping hopeful souls connect and form a bond, this dating app offers a smooth and stylish functionality that makes online dating more enjoyable.

More than its modern and innovative design features, this Russian dating app offers a praise-worthy algorithm. TrulyRussian will trace your behavioral pattern while using the app and base that on finding your best match. They also constantly upgrade and add layers of protection in their system to make your online scrolling safe and secure. 

If you live outside of Russia and finally found a lad or lady from the country, their translation services will be helpful. Their translation option will ensure that love messages get across, with their full intentions intact.

You also get the chance to date the Russian men or women within your area through their Browse and Search option. Additionally, TrulyRussian has a blog that features Russian men’s or women’s dating patterns, cultural backgrounds, or common qualities.

Their basic features include unlimited profile browsing. It also has premium account options for an upgraded user experience. In a nutshell, this online dating app in Russia is user-friendly, affordable, and safe to use.

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2. Mamba

Mamba is another example of Russian dating apps. It is one of the biggest match-making platforms, with over 23 million users.

Signing up on Mamba is a breeze. Register through your social media accounts, email, or manually do it, then receive a text code for confirmation. To locate potential matches, you can narrow down your options through the categories on their personal ads. However, these ads do not display the member’s profile details or photo. Nonetheless, if you love a sense of adventure, this feature can be an advantage.

Also, this Russian dating app offers a unique feature called Travel Buddies. You can search through a list of planned trips that the other users are planning to visit. You can also choose your travel buds and the schedule of your tour. Suppose you want to set the trip, you can do so by posting the details on the page.

The only downside in using this app is that most Russian users do not speak English. So, if you are persistent in meeting love through this site, you may want to seek help from online translation apps or enroll in Russian language classes.

In terms of membership levels, Standard allows for a free profile startup and profile visits. In turn, Premium allows for advanced search options and such.

3. Lovina

Lovina is a famous Russian dating app that allows its users to communicate through a video chat once they like each others’ profiles. Users can also connect with random users for a limited time. This feature is similar to speed dating, where a group of singles goes on a quickfire date with each other — with women usually seated and men moving from table to table.

This Russian dating app also uses AI to prevent or protect you from sending or receiving explicit content such as intimate body parts. They also ensure a protected user experience to let its members use the app safely.

Additionally, this dating app in Russia will protect you from getting misled about the actual appearances of the people you’re interested in by giving you the chance of remaining anonymous for 48 hours. You can choose to stay anonymous until both of you decide to keep chatting with each other.

Lovina is an ad-free platform, but you need a Premium account to enjoy its full slate of features. Although, it allows you to give Premium a try for a month, free of charge.

4. 2Steps

2Steps is an online Russian dating app that helps compatible hearts to keep in touch and communicate. 

Unlike most dating apps that limit their users to 18 years old and above, this famous dating app in Russia adjusts its age limit. Now, 17-year-old users can try the fun of virtual relationships. 

Nonetheless, they keep everyone’s experience controlled and protected through their tight security systems. Its many safety highpoints do not make the app look rigid compared to other dating applications. It is easy to use and has a sleek and stylish app design.

Like any other dating apps, 2Steps has an option to filter your location to match with the men or women in your area. Upon matching with your ideal date, you can also message them comfortably without having to fear being trolled, thanks to their tight security.

2Steps may have lacked the depth of features found in some dating apps, but they make up for it with their free user experience. The Russian dating app boasts a roster of product offers that members can experience free of charge — although users have to endure ads that pop up from time to time.

5. LovePlanet

Started in 2005, LovePlanet is one of the largest dating sites in Russia. Its broad reach may increase your odds of being trolled, but it also up your chances of finding your “destiny.”

LovePlanet offers some primary product features for users who do not want to spend a cent looking for love. You can comfortably search for a potential partner through its members, even before registering. However, to look at photos and their members’ contact details, you need to sign up with an account. 

Users can sign up on LovePlanet without having to undergo a lot of vetting. Everything is handy as they will only require your essential information, like name, email, password, gender, and location. After this, you will have to upload your photo, and you’re good to go.

However, what made this dating site famous in Russia is its Anonymous Chat option, which lets you see which online conversation is live. If you have spotted your favorite chatbox, you can join in on the conversation. You have, of course, the option to reveal your identity if you like. This option may not essentially contribute to your finding “The One,” but they are a fun addition to your social life.

Another hallmark of LovePlanet is their Journal feature. When you use Journal, you have the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings, just like Facebook’s. Other members can also subscribe to your Journal to get updated on the recent events in your life.

LovePlanet also offers Premium and Boost membership options for users who like to upgrade their experience while using the app.

6. Frim

Frim is a popular dating app in Russia that lets users meet potential love partners or reconnect with old friends. It allows members to expand their social circle with their messaging app that is both fun and easy to use.

Frim boasts a messaging app that emphasizes a user-friendly menu. Members can get as many pings as they can, even from strangers. They have the option to allow the conversation to go on or stop it altogether through the ‘Block’ option. This app will also be a favorite for sentimental users as they have a ‘Memories’ feature that allows users to go down memory lane through their previous posts.

This Russian dating app also highlights its messaging’s stickers that give its users a fun flirting experience. It also does not try to steal the member’s focus with endless menu options. They are proud that the simplicity of their mobile application is what makes it entertaining to use. Frim’s array of features prove that less is indeed more.

Registration in this online dating app is pretty much the same as other dating applications. It requires you to create your profile through a manual sign-up or connecting to social media accounts for more convenience. After which, you will need to fill in your information and add your profile photo, and you are ready to go.

This convenient application also has a feature that can show friends or potential flames within the area. One can ping out the other should they wish to hang out.

Privacy and security-wise, Frim has many safety features that prevent attackers from taking sensitive information from the users.

What’s the best Russian dating app for you?

If you finally found “The One,” make sure to nurture the relationship to keep it strong and healthy. All the best!

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