• Why Dating in Your 30s Is Exciting

    Dating in your 30s is exciting—no doubt about that. It might even be more fun than dating in your 20s. While dating in your 20s feels like the spotty lights of a disco ball, dating in your 30s can be more like a full glare from a moving head. By now, you understand the dating game more—the techniques to fascinate someone or ditch them altogether. We still have so many things to contribute to this stimulating conversation. Read on to learn why dating in your 30s will be the best decision you’ll make. Ultimate Reasons Why Dating in Your 30s is Exciting 1. You know what you want in a…

  • Russian dating app

    Five Crowd-Favorite Russian Dating Apps In 2022

    The pandemic has halted everyone’s dating activities—whether you’re out for a fancy dinner or coffee date. The romantic inactivity due to the quarantine has also significantly decreased our odds of finding our perfect person. Thankfully, Russian dating apps have come to the rescue to keep everyone connected with the world—and their online dates. While downloading a dating app is a breeze, choosing the perfect one takes a little more study. As such, we rounded up the top five players in the dating scene today. We also listed their features and some fancy info you’d totally love. Scroll with an open mind and enjoy! The Five Players in the Online Dating…

  • TrulyRussian: Celebrating the New Year Holidays in Russia cover

    Celebrating the New Year Holidays in Russia

    The New Year holidays in Russia trump in importance as compared to Christmas. This fact only shows that Russia is a unique country that refuses to conform to the world’s customs and standards. Whether you’re curious about the New Year holidays in Russia or plan to celebrate them in the country, this article will be your best friend. We talked about the reason behind Russia’s unique New Year celebration and the traditions they follow during the holiday. We also rounded up ten New Year gift ideas you could get for your loved ones. Why the difference in date? Traditionally, the New Year holidays in Russia fell on March 15th under…

  • TrulyRussian: How Do Russians Celebrate Christmas?

    Do Russians Celebrate Christmas?

    Gorgeously illuminated buildings, crisp winter air, and snow-covered walkways—if these seem like a Christmas wonderland for you, then welcome to the Russian Christmas celebrations! Oh, wait? Does Russia celebrate Christmas? It’s too complicated to answer the question with a simple yes or no. So, let’s do a slight backtrack to the Russian Christmas history and traditions. History of Russian Christmas Originally, Russians celebrated New Year in March under an ancient pagan season and the initial local application of the Julian calendar. In the 15th century, however, they moved it to September based on the Orthodox Church’s liturgical year. But, it was not until December 19, 1699, that Peter the Great…

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