Everything You Need to Know to Win the Heart of Kyrgyzstan Girls

Life as a bachelor is liberating. You have all the freedom you need to be your own person. You have the leisure to think, feel, and act without unreasonably relying on others to give you the direction or have them do things for you. However, if you are itching to share your life with someone, being a bachelor can also be frustrating. 

If you need us to help you look for the perfect woman, we suggest you direct your eyes and heart to Kyrgyzstan girls.

Dating Kyrgyzstan girls are not much trumpeted in any social forum online. Hence, we took on the challenge of unraveling the mystery of dating Kyrgyzstan girls. Decrypt the riddles that have been troubling you about their dating culture and etiquette when you take a virtual tour of our dating tips and guides. Enjoy the ride — with minimum distress and maximum happiness. 

Qualities of Kyrgyzstan Girls

Kyrgyzstan has a rich and distinct culture. They are influenced by China, Iran, the Middle East, the Western world, and later Russia. As such, they are home to many different ethnic groups. So, it is no news that their cultural background is varied. 

Before winning the heart of Kyrgyzstan girls, get a glimpse of their personality and lifestyle.

1. They are hospitable

Typically, Kyrgyz are hospitable people. Most families would slaughter their last sheep for you even if you came inside their yurt (portable round houses) as strangers. 

Of course, this does not mean that your Kyrgyz date will slaughter animals for you, but they will be polite and gracious to you at the first meeting.

2. They are optimistic

Due to their nomadic background and the countries that inhibited their beautiful nation, girls in Kyrgyzstan know that problems come and go. They do not let struggles overpower their happiness. Hence, their attitude towards their problems weighs more than the obstacle itself. 

With this, Kyrgyzstan girls’ optimism will bring you light and warmth should you choose to start a relationship with one. 

3. They cook the best meals

You don’t need to trouble yourself preparing granola bars or mini snacks when coming to Kyrgyzstan. Girls from Kyrgyzstan are generally good cooks. They cook the tastiest food. Their barbecued meats, noodles, dumplings, and bread all have a rich and flavorful taste. 

However, you might want to excuse yourself from trying their fermented mare’s milk, which is a staple drink in the country. Mare’s milk is highly revolting to the untrained palate. To avoid insulting her or starting any awkward conversation, tell her very politely that you prefer water or coke.

4. They value traditional weddings

If you think and feel like the Kyrgyzstan girl you are dating is the one for you, know that girls in Kyrgyzstan still value their traditional weddings. 

If your online date is slightly traditional, understand that one of their wedding customs involves pricing the bride in the form of animals or cash. Thus, respect her wishes if she opts for a conventional wedding in the future.


Dating Tips to Keep the Relationship Strong

Let’s face it; dating can be scary. The idea of letting someone come into your life can be daunting, and this dilemma increases if your potential partner does not share your culture or language. 

To help you perfect your odds at an international romance, we gathered for you our cheat sheet in winning the heart of the Kyrgyzstan girl you’re dating. Ready your ballpen and paper, and learn a thing or two about the tips below.

1. Take the lead

If you want the relationship to take a step forward, take the lead. 

Girls from Kyrgyzstan are not comfortable being the first to invite you to date or express their feelings. They rarely take the first move, and they always wait for the men to lay the groundwork. 

Again, the relationship will go nowhere if you wait for her to take the initial steps. 

2. Take her to Kyrgyzstan’s famous tea shops

Every meal, Kyrgyz indulge themselves in a hot cup of tea. Thus, you rarely find a Kyrgyzstan girl who does not enjoy a warm cup of tea. 

So if you are dating a Kyrgyzstan girl, it will be a bonus point for you if you take her to one of the country’s famous tea shops called the Teahouse NAVAT. By taking her to this renowned tea shop, you get to experience her culture while impressing your girl for knowing a local place, and you get to bond with her.

3. Meet her family

Kyrgyzstan families are relatively solid and close-knitted. As such, family is everything for Kyrgyzstan girls. 

If you have been dating each other for some time, prove your intentions when you express your will to meet her family. Meeting her family will also put you in a good light on their viewpoint as they will see you as a potentially good fit for their daughter or sister.

4. Sex is off the table

Girls in Kyrgyzstan are inherently conservative. So if you are the type who loves to do intimate things while still dating, hold your high horses, mate, as sex is clearly off the table. 

To top it all off, they do not hook up or accept open relationships — everything you may have already tried. The only action you will get when dating girls from Kyrgyzstan is when you play their sports. 

5. Play sports with her

Kyrgyzstan has a rich nomadic culture, which means their people needed to be tough and resourceful to survive in the plains and mountains. Sports helped them gain the strength and skills required. Despite the many centuries that passed, this culture has extended from one generation to the other. 

Thus, if you invite your Kyrgyzstan date on a game of sport, guarantee that she’ll accept your request. It might also be practical to expect to lose because, well, sports are in their bloodline. Their most famous sports are Kok-Boru (horse game), Er Enish (wrestling via horse-riding), and Ordo (board game).

6. Be honest

Contrary to what you must have expected, Kyrgyzstan girls are honest. They will politely tell straight to your face if they find you too proud or too arrogant. 

So to avoid this awkward scenario, be on your best foot and impress her if you must. However, don’t forget to be honest and show her your authentic side.

7. Do not be pushy

Don’t throw away your chance of having a forever with a Kyrgyzstan girl by being aggressive. Girls from Kyrgyzstan seek a decisive and strong man that can protect them, not a tyrant who will tell them what to do. 

Thus, you must be protective but not aggressive. Remember that there is a fine line between the two, so check your attitude all the time. Be the knight that she will turn for help each time.

8. Respect her

When going out on a date with a Kyrgyzstan girl, do not forget to respect her boundaries. 

On your first date, refrain from talking about her intimate life experiences or family issues. No woman likes talking about her personal struggles on the first date. Give her time to warm up to you.

9. Make her feel safe

Although it is illegal, bridenapping has been considered the country’s tradition for so long. The term “bridenapping” is the amalgamation of the words “bride” and “kidnapping,” a practice in which a man abducts the lady he wishes to marry. 

Even today, kidnapping a bride — either by force or agreement — is still practiced. Hence, Kyrgyzstan girls grew up with a slight fear of being “bridenapped.” So, make her feel valued and assure her constantly that she is safe with you.

10. Do not rush

You are not in a race, so don’t move too fast in the relationship. When you take it too quickly, you chase a feeling rather than pursue a lasting partnership with the Kyrgyzstan girl of your dreams. And, if you rush girls in Kyrgyzstan, they will think you are not serious about her.

Virtual Chanced Encounter

If you expect to find a Kyrgyzstan woman in your country, we are sorry to disappoint you — they rarely travel or leave home. 

If you genuinely want to meet your Kyrgyz dream girl, you may need to visit the country’s famous cities like Bishkek, Osh, or Karakol. But even this option may even be impossible due to the global pandemic we are still experiencing. 

With this, you may want to try the safest option there is, which is online dating. While there are numerous dating sites and applications, the only guaranteed app that Kyrgyz ladies use is TrulyRussian.

TrulyRussian is a crowd-favorite application in Kyrgyzstan that helps expectant souls meet their future mates. More than the easy, safe, and secure user experience that the platform continually aims to provide, it also boasts a Dating By Region feature. It allows users to communicate with women in a specific region, should they wish to.

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Kyrgyzstan is not only one of the most beautiful places on Earth — it is also home to the most adorable and kindest ladies. If you like your woman to be a little traditional, Kyrgyz girls will be perfect for you. We hope our tips helped with your quest to love. Best of luck, man!

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