Dating a Belarusian Girl Tips for Winners

It is common knowledge that Slavic women are stunning, and Belarusian women a huge testament to that statement. Belarusian women are simple and unique. Considered by many to be the best-hidden secret in the whole of Europe. Hence, the title “Precious Treasures.” We know the hype about dating a Belarusian girl feels like an exaggeration to foreigners. But you’ll learn about these exceptionally beautiful creatures in human form as you read on, then you can decide.

Belarusian girls are very elegant and intelligent. They love to keep things modest and natural, which is what makes them stand out from other Slavic girls.

Girls in Belarus are not as sexy as their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts. But they are certainly friendlier, reserved, natural, and far less extravagant. Belarusian singles have a rare type of sweetness and genuineness that makes them the ideal partners for long term relationships. 

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Things to Know About Belarusian Women

Belarusian women have some highly fascinating qualities that are difficult to overlook. Here is all you need to know about them.

Flawless Natural Beauty

Slavic girls are generally beautiful, but Belarusian women stand out for their flawless natural beauty. They love to keep things natural with only a simple touch of makeup if they ever have to use one.

Slavic women have what many would call Natural Beauty. They have striking facial features like fair smooth skin, medium-dark or blonde hair, and distinctive bones. They usually have slim and well-shaped bodies with slightly more than average height.

That’s not all! Belarus girls can be very shy around foreigners, but they have such a charming smile and vibe that’s unforgettable.

“True Slavic beauty” are the words that perfectly describe the appearance of the girls in Belarus. Not only do they turn heads, but they also make hearts beat like a drum.

Highly Intelligent

Belarusian girls are some of the most intelligent women in the eastern part of Europe. This is thanks to the high values placed on education in their country. Belarus girls read a lot, making them spend a big chunk of their post-schooling hours in the family library.

Extracurricular activities are also given high priorities to make them well-rounded individuals by the time they grow up into adults.

All of these constitute the Belarusian women’s personalities, and that’s why men greatly admire them.

Girls in Belarus may seem shy, conservative, and naïve, but never take that for foolishness. They are brilliant and can easily detect any foul play.

Modesty & Moderation

Belarus singles are known for their modesty and moderation. They love to keep things simple are not a fan of extravagance or excessiveness.

They would rather keep their talents and qualities to themselves until they find and get used to someone they can reveal their hidden features too. When dating a Belarusian girl, you should understand that they are patient beings that love to take things easy with one step at a time, so don’t be too quick to make moves.

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Honesty & Loyalty

Belarusian women are taught to be honest, devoted, and loyal from childhood. It’s a trait they’ve grown up with, making many foreign men prefer them to other Slavic women.

They have a culture of putting family life at the top of their priority list. Belarus women always stay devoted and committed to their relationship, which makes them an excellent choice of partners.

Friendly & Well-Mannered

Friendliness and good manners are some of the core values of Belarusian women. Those are virtues that are usually instilled in the girls by their parents from a young age.

They love to make friends and meet new people. They behave very nicely and friendly to strangers, and would volunteer to help with a big smile plastered to their faces.

Belarus singles are also very calm, attentive, welcoming, and always dissipating positive vibes & energy.

Excellent Home Makers

Belarusians place a lot of value on their culture, and homemaking is one of the traditions that’s usually instilled in the girls in Belarus.

Women in this Slavic country are usually tasked with creating warmth and comfort at home, so they know how to cater to their family and cook tasty dishes from a young age.

They know how to keep everything at home in one piece, from family to pets to properties to even the smallest of items and possessions.

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Tips for Dating a Belarusian Girl

Once you find a Belarusian woman that you seem to get along with and you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, keep the tips below in mind as they can make your effort yield a profitable reward.

1. Get Familiar With The Slavic Culture

Belarusian singles love their country and their culture to bits. Getting acquainted with their culture, the kind of life they live, the things that matter to them, what they expect from a foreigner, and so on.

To get a feel and learn a thing or two about their lifestyle, you may have to start dating a Belarus single online, and she can begin to open up to you about their culture and lifestyle as she gets more comfortable with you.

Ask her questions not only about herself but also about her people and country to show that your interest in everything that concerns her.

2. Be a Stable Man

Women across the world, whether Africans, Slavic, Westerners, or Asians want a man that has a clear direction of purpose. Belarusian single is not out there looking for a man of luxury or affluence, but they certainly want a man with vision, dreams, and purpose. So you would need to have your hands and sight set on something very tangible before you think of dating a Belarusian girl.

3. Prepare to Meet Her Friends & Family

If you intend to get closer to a Belarusian woman, prepare to get familiar with her friends and family because family ties are part of the most important things to the people of Belarus.

Try to mingle with her friends and form a good rapport with her family, and you’re on your way to getting her committed.

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4. Understand Her Personality

Women love to be understood, and dating a Belarusian girl is not an exemption. Understanding a Belarusian single is a crucial tip to winning her over. Make genuine efforts to know her, know what she likes, and understand what she wants.

Just know as much as you can about her and relate with her to the best of your ability, treating her with utmost dignity and respect.

5. No Sexual Advancement on the First Few Dates

Belarusian singles and all the women, in general, are people of high moral standards and will hardly agree to kiss, touching, or any form of sexual advances on the first few dates. Keep a reasonable distance on your first few dates, and don’t make any smart moves except she offers you a warm hug.

Belarus girls are not for you if a nightstand is what you’re looking for or if you’re not ready for a serious long-term commitment. It is also ideal to learn about other Belarusian dating cultures before you get into any serious relationship.

6. Be Honest With Your Intentions

Belarusian women are very open and honest to a fault so that they would want the same from you. Be open, honest, and make your intentions clear before taking things too far.

Let her know what you want, whether it’s a fling, a woman to keep your company for your short-term stay in Belarus, a long-term partner for a serious relationship, or a Belarusian woman to marry eventually. Just don’t try to play her or trick her into falling for you.

7. Learn Some Russian

Russian is one of the two official languages in Belarus, and almost every Belarus single speaks this language. When you’re dating a Belarusian girl, you should at least understand or make an effort to learning their language. And since we all know the importance of communication in relationships, you would be doing yourself a lot of good if you can learn to speak her language.

Learning just the basics of the language can help you have a jolly time with your Belarusian woman, and it also goes a long way in showing your level of interest in her.

8. Visit Belarus

Except you are already working or living in Belarus as a resident, you should try to be the perfect gentleman by traveling to meet her in her country. It is the man who usually makes the first move, and Belarus singles, being the kind breed, would reciprocate if they’re interested.

9. Take A Belarusian Girl To Her Favorite Place

Once you agree on a first date with a Belarusian woman, all you need to do is ask about her favorite place and take her there.

This will help you learn her preference. Going to a familiar place will make her feel more comfortable, and your communication can flow better.

You can also learn about her hobbies and take her to one of the choice places in town on your subsequent dates. Take her to the cinema if she loves movies, or take her to a sports game if she’s into sports.

10. Take Responsibility     

This is perhaps the most important thing to note when dating a Belarusian girl.

Traditional dating roles are still a thing in the Belarusian tradition and it is your responsibility as a man to pay for your woman whenever you go out together. You should do that without hesitation, as it helps you to show her that you are responsible and won’t shy away when any situation arises.

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