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How to Find Russian Singles

15 February 2018

If you’re having plans on visiting Russia and you want to know the places where you’ll most likely meet Russian singles, then we’ve got you all covered right here in this article. We have provided you with a list of places where you can get a higher chance of finding attractive Russian singles whether it’s online or offline.

  1. Find Russian Singles in Social Media Sites

    Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is the best place where you can connect easily to other Russian singles. You just simply filter your searches for a Russian woman/man or even follow friends of friends. If you’ve already made friends with some, you can grab a hold of them on other social media channels as well.

    girl using facebook

    The only disadvantage of social media is that their profile is in Russian. So if you’re Russian is non-existent, you’d still have to use translation tools on every post they shared in order for you to understand.

    Another thing to remember is to make sure that she is single before approaching them so you will not get any false hopes.

  2. Find Russian Singles in Russian Dating Sites

    This is one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to find Russian singles anywhere. Every Russian single who joins a dating site is looking for a serious relationship with someone who can be their partners for life.

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    Russian dating sites such as TrulyRussian is the best place where you can meet a lot of Russian singles as it is already proven by successfully connecting thousands of members, specifically Russian women and Western men every day from all over the world.

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  3. Find Russian Singles on Public Transportations

    Russia is known for its big subways especially in Moscow. Every single day, people from Moscow use the metro as their preferred mode of transportation. This is a better opportunity for you to meet Russian singles because you don’t have to prepare yourself before going there.

    Take note that in order to find out if she is single or not is simply by just looking if there’s a right on her right hand or not. A good position for you to approach a woman is by standing near the escalator and maybe ask for directions to certain places and engage them in a conversation. But you have to be mindful though if they’re in a hurry or not.

    a girl waiting for her train to arrive

    Another is while you are on the train and already making conversation with someone, make sure to continue your communication even if she already gets off the train. Also, don’t forget to take her phone number.

    The chances of meeting single Russians in the subway are quite high because people are mostly busy at just waiting for their train.

  4. Find Russian Singles in Shopping Malls

    Russian women are known for going out to their shopping centers to buy something from the shops. This is a better opportunity for you to meet a lot of good-looking Russian women by just lending them a hand if they are struggling to bring their shopping bags and bring it to her car. Russian woman loves a courteous man.

    a Russian girl shopping at the mall

    You can even ask them to help you out in finding an outfit for your mother’s birthday gift and by that, you can start a conversation with her. There are also food courts in all malls which is a great place for you to look for single Russian women. You may ask if they are alone and if you could share a table with her. By that, you can start a conversation and everything go unto its place.

  5. Find Russian Singles in Clubs

    Winter is the best time to visit nightclubs in Russia. In there, you can find a lot of charming Russian singles ready to drink and dance the night away. The clubs are not that crowded during the summer season because the city is filled with lots of activities and attractions.

    Approaching single Russians in clubs is quite easy. They are open to meet new people and can make conversation even if the music is too loud. You may visit the Soho Rooms if you want to meet celebrities and models. You may also visit the Space Club if you’re into electronic dance music.

    You may find a lot of beautiful Russian men and women here in all ages who are dancing and having a good time.

  6. Find Russian Singles in Parks

    There are a lot of Parks in Russia where you can see a lot of good-looking Russian singles. One example is the Gorky Park in Moscow which is considered as one of the oldest culture and leisure amusement parks in Russia.

    a couple sitting in a bench at the park

    This is the perfect place for everyone who wants to make friends and attend different activities such as skateboarding and cycling. Some people like to walk along the waterfront while bringing their dogs with them. Others are playing games and just having fun.

    You will find a lot of decent Russian nationals in parks and it is also a good place to take your date, especially if it’s your first date.

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  8. Find Russian Singles in Speed Dating Events

    When you are in Moscow, you may want to try out speed dating events. There are a lot of companies who set up these events and gather single people looking for the hopes of finding a special someone.

    You’d be surprised at how many people actually join these events. Some of the participants are foreigners who want to meet local Russian singles. But mostly are single Russian men and women who want to meet foreigners.

    Speed dating is actually a fun event where you will be introduced to a lot of ideal Russian singles who wants to meet people and might even consider you for another date if all goes well with the both of you.

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