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How to Spot and Avoid Russian Dating Scams

31 March 2018

When you think of Russian dating scams, what's the first thing you think of? Dishonest? Money hungry liars? Or just people who get of on ripping other people?

Online dating gives chance to those people who are looking for serious relationships and lifetime partners in an easy and convenient manner. It is a great way to connect with millions of users around the world without worrying how you look and speak.

The sad truth about dating sites is that other people will abuse it and use the platform for illegal practices to target people who are sincere in finding their match. Better be safe by taking note of these Russian dating scammer tactics to help you out on how to spot and avoid scammers in Russian dating sites.

  1. Check if their profile is weird

    Usually, you can spot Russian scammers every dating site if you will just review their profiles properly before sending them a message or doing any activity on their profile. Most of these scammers target old people who they think they can easily get money from. The young man or lady who chatted you first might not actually be a scammer, but it is always better to be careful with you’re chatting with. If they’re really who they say they are. Once you contact them or they’ve got you to reply to their messages, they would try their best to take your conversations to other platforms and start asking for money there.

    Their profile photos are very attractive and high quality. Make sure that you save a copy of their photo and try to Google it if there is another person who is using that photo. They usually use photos of actors and models to attract more people. Scammers usually put in their profile descriptions that they’re a single parent, self-employed, and looking for love. Others don’t even bother working on their profile at all.

  2. Are they asking for money or your bank information?

    As one of the most common Russian online dating scams, always remember that you should never give money to anyone you are talking to online. This might be common sense to everyone but other scammers can be quite convincing. Especially if their story is really believable. In order being scammed and losing hundreds of dollars, just simply ignore them, cut off the communication, or report them directly to the dating site administrators.

    The number one sign that you can help you determine right away if the person you’re chatting with a Russian dating scammer is when they ask you a question like “How much money do you earn?” It’s just pretty weird to think that they’re so interested in your income.

    Another type of Russian scam on dating sites is when they would ask you to help them out with their travel expenses so they can visit you in your country. It might be tempting at first, but it is not a great idea to invest your money in. This type of scam is very popular with all dating websites. Instead of giving them money, you can suggest that you’ll be the one to visit them. If they reject or get mad at that suggestion, then you know what they are.

  3. They are lying about their location

    A lot of Russian dating scammers will pretend that they are living in this specific English speaking country but actually, they’re not. For instance, if a user claims that they’re born and raised in the UK but then they can’t even properly communicate with you in English or their grammar is just not right for someone who’s lived there all their life, then they’re most definitely a scammer.

    You have to also take note that if their stories are inconsistent and don’t correlate to what’s currently happening in their “country”, it might be best to just let them off and report them.

  4. They refuse to meet you in person or do video calls

    This is the #1 sign you should watch out for in Russian dating site scams.

    Most scammers avoid face-to-face meetings. They will keep on making excuses that they can’t do a video chat with you or meet you in a coffee shop even if it says in their profile that they’re just living near your area.

    They only want to keep things online and either makeup excuses or ignore your questions about meeting up in person. Some scammers will even talk to you on the phone before they start scamming you. This is one of the common moves of every scammer that you must look out for.

  5. Forces you to communicate outside of the dating site

    Avoid those people who are forcing you to communicate outside the dating site. It is very odd and questionable if a person will ask for your personal information right away especially your contact details. A normal person who’s serious about dating will take time in getting to know you first before asking any personal details.

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    If you encounter this situation, do not give your email address, social media accounts, or other means of contact information. You don’t want to give them any information that they could use to scam you.

  6. Expressing their love quickly

    Even if you just started chatting a week ago but they’re already claiming that they’re in love with you might be another Russian scammer tactic that you should definitely avoid once you start to notice it from someone online. Do not fall into this scamming tactic. It is practically impossible to be in love with someone you have just met unless you’re in a fairy tale book.

    People who have been lonely for so long and wanting to have a serious relationship might be the target of scammers who uses this tactic. Scammers would likely push you for a serious relationship right away even if you haven’t met in person yet. This will make it easier for them to get money out of you.

  7. Always disconnected from the topic

    If you happened to chat with someone who is always out of topic and is always lost at following the conversation thread, then you definitely got yourself a Russian dating scammer. These people would most likely disregard anything you’ve just sent them and get down to business right away.

    Most scammers use some sort of templated messages and send this to everyone. If you feel that you’ve received messages that are somewhat templated and is written in very bad English, then there’s only one thing you could do. Stay clear of them.

  8. They will not give you straight answers

    Most scammers will use a lot of means like making up stories in order for you to believe them and get money out of you. Other scammers will keep on avoiding your basic questions and instead, they are the ones who keep on asking questions.

    With this, they could gather more information about you. Some scammers will not ditch your questions as they are very prepared to answer them all. But this is still something to watch out for.

    This could be a little tricky to spot, but you’ll know once the situation is there.

  9. Selling products or services

    If you happened to encounter a user who shares with you that they are working in a travel agency and asks if you would like to avail for their services for a discount, you may want to report them right away. Getting discounts may be tempting but they definitely don’t have a place on a dating site.

    Another fairly common Russian dating scam tactic where the scammer will tell you to sign in to a competitor dating site because it just so happens that they’re more active there or their monthly subscription is almost about to expire. This is another scammer tactic where you’d get to click on some shady link and spend money for a monthly subscription in another site.

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Did you notice any of these signs of a Russian scammer?

Do not hesitate to report those users who are trying to scam you. Legit dating sites like TrulyRussian are trying their best to get rid of scammers. Cut the communication immediately if you feel like you’re currently chatting with a scammer.

an inforgraphic about the most famouse Russian dating scams online

Take note of all these signs of Russian dating scams. Be wary of who to trust. And most importantly, protect your personal information. Make sure that you have not reached the point where you know that you’re being scammed after you’ve lost a considerable amount of money.

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