Russian Dating Fails That You’re Probably Doing

Not every relationship will have a happy ending like everybody thought it would be. Relationships fail for many reasons. It could be incompatibility, unshared feelings, or simply just a bad dating experience.

To get a successful relationship with a Russian woman is to know the things about what you must and must not do when dating them. In this article, we have provided a list of things that you are probably doing that make your Russian dating experience a fail.

You don’t always pay the bill

Russian women will always expect you to pay the bill during your dates even though she is the one who is initiated the date and even if you only had a cup of coffee and she is had a five-course meal with a dessert.

In western countries, some couples split the bill. But in Russia, you are expected to shoulder the bill. But there are some who think if the man does not pay the bill on dates, he is considered a cheapskate. Keep in mind that not all Russian women are like this.

You let her carry heavy things

An act of feminism and being sensitive is what makes a Russian woman fall for you. The golden rule in Russian dating is to never let a woman carry anything heavier than her bag.

For instance, if you’re in a grocery store and you notice she’s struggling with her grocery bags, you should offer to carry it for her. Even though she says that she can handle it.

Consider it like this: the only thing she must carry is only her purse.

This is probably the easiest Russian dating fail to spot.

You are giving flowers in an even number

Russian women are known for their love of flowers, but take note that they can be very critical when it comes to the number of flowers you give them. Make sure that you will not give them a bouquet with an even number of flowers. For Russians, this is only considered appropriate during funerals.

a man giving flowers to his date and making sure they're in odd number

Some might even call this Russian dating fail weird or funny, but you wouldn’t want to risk your chances do you? It doesn’t matter how beautiful those 12 roses look, you must take one away or add one more. Just be sure that those flowers are in an odd number.

You are not being a gentleman

Russian women would choose to date a man with good manners more than anything. By just opening doors for her, carrying her shopping bags, holding her hands when she is cold, helping her in removing her coat when you dine at a restaurant and treating her like a queen in public.

Even though these acts might not be so important to you, but it will make a great impact on her and appreciate you all the more. Russian women want to end up with a man who is courteous, accept them for who they are and respects their culture and beliefs.

Remember this, being a gentleman never fails to attract a lady.

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You are not on time

In Russia, men should always come on time during dates. It is okay for the women to be late and will be excused for whatever reasons they have. You as a man, you should understand that it will really take her a long time to get ready. They want to look as good as possible especially when they go on a date with you.

a man waiting for his date holding flowers

Just expect that she will always be half an hour late at the agreed meeting time. Simply understand why she’s late and just give her a smile and a hug when she arrives even though it is already dark and late.

You are giving her expensive things

This is one of the most common Russian dating fails of all time. Don’t give her any false expectations especially on the first date. If you are giving her expensive things, she will most likely expect that you will give her another expensive thing on your next date.

a man giving an expensive gift to his Russian girlfriend

She will see you as a wealthy man whom she will feel obliged for giving her expensive things during the initial stage of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you will only give inexpensive things like chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, or any other small presents. It’s always the thought that counts. Not the amount you’ve spent on that gift.

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You are too fast

Russian women are known for being too forward with their dates that others would take them for granted. Some western men have the wrong perception of Russian women by trying to make a move to get them to bed once they start talking. Don’t commit to the same Russian dating mistake.

This kind of stereotyping has already given them a bad image in other countries and had men commit numerous Russian dating fails. They may be known for being open about their sexuality but they will definitely settle for someone who thinks very little of them.

russian dating

Take note that in the Russian dating culture, playing and touching someone’s face is seen as an intimate expression of affection. If you’ve just met someone or you’re currently on a first date with a Russian woman, it is better to not do it in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Every Russian woman wants to be respected and loved not just by her looks but also her personality. Take the time in getting to know her.

You are making jokes about her family

We all know that Russian women are family-oriented and they also have a different sense of humor compared to yours. With that said, if you’re dating a Russian woman, make sure that you don’t make jokes about their family and relatives. Especially insulting ones.

This kind of joke might seem too personal for them and they might take it in a negative way. So just keep those jokes to yourself and stay away from one of the worst Russian dating fails of all time.

You are always complaining

Russian woman wants a man who is mature enough to handle problems and responsibilities. They find it very unattractive is a man is always complaining and would run away from any life complications.

an angry man always complaining

Show that you can handle these problems and ready to take responsibility. Take note that every complaint that comes out on your mouth will lessen the respect and interest she has for you.

Even though she may listen to your complaints, she will think that you’re not responsible enough to solve those problems. Russian women want to feel secure with who they end up with. They want to be with a man who is strong enough to take care of themselves and their loved ones whatever problems may arise.

You are not learning their language

The biggest Russian dating fail that every man always encounters when in a relationship with a Russian woman is that they’re not learning the Russian language. This would be a great help if you want to cut any language barriers and impress her that you’re making the effort of learning her language.

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Guilty of any of these Russian dating fails?

Cultural differences and language barriers are just two of the main causes of your failure in Russian dating. Learning the Russian language, being mindful of how you present yourself, and to be sensitive are some of the most important things to keep in mind if your planning to date a Russian woman.

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