How to Start a Conversation on a Dating Site

The thought of having to start a conversation on a dating site can be intimidating and tricky for beginners. Nonetheless, it’s a skill you have to learn. Starting a conversation after you find a compatible partner is a way for you to get to know each other and, hopefully, fall in love and settle down. 

To help make this easier for you, here are some valuable tips on how to engage in a fun and exciting conversation. By following these tips, you’ll have love knocking at your door in no time. 

Tips for in Starting a Conversation in a Dating Site

Nowadays, online dating has made it manageable and flexible to find love during the pandemic. Being a beginner can be difficult, but that’s what you are here for — to equip yourself with tips on how to start a conversation on a dating site.

1. Information is everything 

When someone catches your eye, it’s time to do some research by looking at their photos. 

Check someone’s dating profile to know who you are conversing with. It will help you find topics to talk about with them. 

2. Break the ice 

Sending the first message can be challenging for beginners. You don’t have to be nervous in trying to catch someone’s attention, but make sure you break the ice and go for the win. 

Here are a few samples to use to break the ice with women:

“Wow, are those eyes made in diamond? It’s mesmerizing.”

Compliments are a way to engage someone in a conversation. Most women want to get compliments from someone — it’s the reason why they use eye-catching photos in their profiles. By using this phrase, you’ll surely get a response right away. 

“Are you my Wendy? ‘Cause I’m ready to be your Peter Pan in Foreverland.”

Who doesn’t like Peter Pan? 

Using this catchy phrase speaks of your commitment to date seriously while also showing your fun side. Foreverland means you are ready to get to know someone better and hopefully settle down. 

“A movie under the moonlight, a sunset picnic, or a morning breakfast? If I take you out on our first date, which one would you choose?”

First dates need to be remarkable. Women always look forward to their first date. Using this phrase to engage in a conversation with a woman can help you figure out her personality and keep it in mind when you take your relationship to the next level.

Meanwhile, here are a few samples to use to break the ice with men:

“Can I be your sunshine in your dark, weary days?”

Men tend to need someone sincere and thoughtful—a shoulder to lean on. Using this phrase will give them a clue that you will always be there when they hit rock bottom. They will want to get to know the woman who wants to be their sunshine. 

“Alice once said nothing is impossible. That’s why I sent you a message to let you know — we are possible.”

Alice in Wonderland is a phenomenal story and movie. If you use this quirky phrase, you give him a hint of what type of movies you like. After all, movies can help you get a gist of someone’s personality. 

“Do you still have a space in your bed to sleep? Can I have it?”

Asking for a space in her bed will sound flirty, but this is also one way of letting them know you want to always be by her side. It gives out the idea of you taking things to the next level and settling down with her. 

3. Send follow-up messages 

Are you scared of all your efforts going down the drain because you didn’t get a response? Don’t be! 

Think of a follow-up message to catch their attention. There could be many reasons why your possible match was unable to get back to you. After a day or two, send them a message that doesn’t sound desperate. Instead, it should be exciting and fun. 

Here are some sample follow-up messages you can try:

  • “Have you been abducted by aliens? Oh my gosh — do you need my help?”
  • “Did the winter season take you away from spring?”
  • “Knock, knock…”

4. Take things to the next level

Eventually, after you break the ice, you need to make sure to keep the conversation going instead of letting it die. 

Check these tips out to help you out:

Respond to her replies to the question you asked

Don’t forget to respond to their answers. It means you are paying close attention to your conversation, and they will appreciate it. 

Tell them about yourself, but not too much 

Getting to know each other is a part of online dating. You should tell your match who you are as a person, but don’t overdo it. Take note—it’s not a one-way conversation.  

Ask them about their likes and dislikes 

The best and safest topics are asking your date about their likes and dislikes. It will help keep the flow going between the two of you. 

Keeping the conversation alive can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Always remember, every message counts!

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Make the first step

To find love involves great effort. Make the first step in a dating site when you start a conversation with someone that caught your interest. You don’t have to be afraid. If you are a beginner, you should start a conversation using these unique tips to help you. 

Best of luck with your online dating journey!

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